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The Single Reason Romney Lost

Wedey Wrote: Nov 15, 2012 11:00 AM
There is one reason O prevailed and by not that much as he is the incumbent president and he is Santa Claus and it was because the liberal media acted as if everything he did was saintly and they demonized the opposition constantly. There was a newsman that went out and said some statements attributed to romney and the people said they agreed with them and that is why he should be re-elected and then they were told they were actually O's policies and you never saw so much backtracing in your life but then they said they still would vote for O. How can you argue with ignorance.

“It’s the economy, stupid.”

Maybe not. Mired in the worst recovery since the Great Depression, with unemployment near 8 percent, companies laying off workers over Obamacare, a $16 trillion debt and gasoline at double the 2008 price, America still re-elected Barack Obama.

Mitt Romney ran a single-issue campaign: the economy, stupid.

The missed opportunities were endless. After CNN’s Candy Crowley silenced him in the second debate on the Benghazi attack, Mr. Romney declined to expose Mr. Obama’s shocking lies and transparent cover-up. He also declined to educate Americans about the administration’s brazen lawlessness, especially that of the Justice Department,...