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Only 11 People Show for Chicago Teachers Union Victory Lap in Michigan

Wedey Wrote: Nov 03, 2012 2:18 PM
No teachers are worth $l00,000 when the median wage in Chicago is around $50,000. Look at all the money that has been poured into the education system over the years. Have our schools improved any at all. I don't think so. The kids of today can't add, can't read, can't spell but they can name every singer out there. Why do they think people are sending their kids to charter schools, public schools and homeschooling. The kids of today know nothing about how this country was formed. I will put any of these kids up against kids that went to school in th 50's and guess who would win. And then to think we will have to pay them for the rest of their lives, not only while they are teaching. wake up to reality before it is too late.
The fact that only 11 people showed “for a discussion of the 2012 Chicago Teachers Union strike and what it means for Michigan unions,” could be signal that there may be underwhelming support for the unions’ Proposal 2 on Michigan’s statewide ballot.

The CTU has been on a victory lap of sorts around the country, crowing about its decisive win over Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel in the recent teachers strike. The tour recently made a stop in Ann Arbor.

Michigan union officials want to use the Chicago strike as a springboard for other Big Labor victories, like approval...