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Hours to Comply With ObamaCare? 79,229,503

webpuddin Wrote: Sep 26, 2012 8:08 PM
311,591,000 population ÷ 2.5 average household size = 124,600,000 households. 27,000,000 businesses in USA. Added to # of households (families) = total of roughly 151,600,000 entities that will need to 'comply' - assuming file/fill out paperwork, etc. Now the burden for each family or business is 79,000,000 hours per 151,600,000 family households or businesses = .... about 32 minutes per household or business per year. Hmmmmm? Never knew the government could be so efficient. I don't know enough about ObamaCare to have an informed opinion, but if THIS is a typical criticism ..... I'm starting to like it a lot!!

How many hours will it take to comply with ObamaCare? According to Americans for Tax Reform nearly 80 million and that doesn't even count the number of hours needed to comply with the regular tax code.

Based on IRS estimates, it will take nearly 80 million hours for families and businesses to comply with Obamacare taxes.   To put this in perspective, according to Ways and Means, it is the equivalent of the Empire State Building being constructed 11 times, a building which took 7 million man-hours to build.

And who will bear most of the...