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Pelosi is just a Democrap crazy, just ignore anything she says.
Feed them more and all they do is reproduce more. Like any population, the limit is the carrying power of the environment.
Rube machines always got the job done. Albeit, in the longest most involved way. Obama has screwed up everything he's touched, even the cover-ups get screwed up.
If his people can't research his bookings, they should be fired. I'd drop my manager so hard for the bad publicity this is getting; he'd be bouncing for the next month.
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Scholar-Athlete Charade

webboss Wrote: Nov 05, 2014 5:13 PM
It is everywhere http://www.lohud.com/search/wcc%20scandal/ here in Westchester County College
Harry, you dumb bugger. The American people doesn't want you to work with the Republicans, they want you to get out of their way. You already shown us where your interests are and it ain't in the American people or doing what is needed to dig us out of the hole you helped put us in.
I just knew the illegal's drivers license / voter registration ploy would work for the Dems.
What do you do about a bad guy with a gun, you call a good guy with a guy, the police. You trust your teachers with your children's mind and daily well being. Maybe you should trust them with their survival. Teachers with guns just cuts down the response time and maybe saves lives
Armed house arrest for them all, just like the fools in Texas. Make her and NBC liable for anyone who comes down with Ebola
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Obama: "Eric Has Done a Superb Job"

webboss Wrote: Sep 26, 2014 12:24 PM
How would Obama know about a 'superb job' in anything. Probably just another Obama lie
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