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Lanza Tried to Buy Rifle Before Shooting But Was Denied

Webbie65 Wrote: Dec 20, 2012 8:56 AM
And let's say they ban "all semi-automatics" as you suggest, which includes MOST handguns. And let's get REALLY dilusional and say that it worked....all the "bad guys" turned in their semi-automatic guns (becuase that's what they always do). Would you be any less dead if you were shot with a revolver? I don't get this logic at all......if there IS any logic to it. Other than uninformed people get to feel better that "semi-automatic" guns have been banned, when in truth most of them who want them banned don't even know what they ARE. Here's a clue - A semi-automatic fires ONE shot with each pull of the trigger, JUST LIKE A REVOLVER DOES.