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Festival of Denial?

web_master Wrote: Mar 26, 2013 2:26 PM
Passover was what Jesus celebrated before his death. Google "Passover Seder symbols explained" for an expmnation of the significance of Christ in the seder.
This week, together with about 13 million Jews worldwide (yes, that's all there are), our family will celebrate the Feast of Passover -- perhaps the oldest continuously celebrated religious holiday in the world.

Passover is primarily a holiday of the home, not the synagogue. The preparations take days. We sit down to a table adorned with familiar objects: a silver cup for the Prophet Elijah, candle sticks, a lamb shank representing the sacrifice in Temple days, bitter herbs, matzah, parsley, eggs and salt water. We do the traditional "seder" -- its choreographed rituals burnished by centuries of practice. Everything is...

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