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Fatal Misstep?

web_master Wrote: Jul 18, 2012 9:00 AM
How many times have we heard THE ONE rail on and on about not returning to "THE FAILED POLICIES OF THE PAST", meaning of course the Bush administration? And yet the bold hypocrisy here of THE ONE doing the very thing he has so often ridiculed. MR should be all over him on this because of couse the MSM will not be.

Until this week, the Obama campaign's strategy of interest group payoffs and demonization of Romney seemed, if tawdry, at least a possible route to re-election. The president's promises to deliver more and more "free" stuff for carefully selected grantees -- adorned in the language of sticking up for the "middle class" -- appeared to have a chance of success.

But the decision to embrace one of the least popular Democratic positions of the past 100 years -- opposition to the work requirement for welfare recipients -- is inexplicable politically. It's also illegal and imperious. Let's stick with politics, because it's old...

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