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your language betrays you, i.e. "moving further to the right and holding more harsh views." Did Reagan hold "harsh " views too? McCain and Romney lost because they ran LOUSY campaigns. And one reason they were lousy is they were unable to articulate conservatism to the general population. Conservatism, is not "harsh,",it is reality.
Actually Larry, the rationale behind the death penalty (from a Christian standpoint) is that man is made in God's image.
"logic" as defined by liberals: Q: "Why am I being excluded because of where I work?” A. “Because the place that you work is not inclusive.”
A hollywood movie, directed by an avowed atheist no less, chooses to call God "the Creator. " Think about that for a moment. And Christians should be upset?
RRF, of course, and so did Noah. The question is about the use of the Name. Before Moses, the use of Creator (big C) is acceptable as there was no other designated Name (but there were many "gods."). Esther knew who God was too, yet the name of God is not used in the book of Esther either.
yes, a sort of poetic justice, don't you think?
As a Christian, I have not yet made up my mind about whether or not to see the film. However, I don't understand the obsession with "the name of God is not mentioned." According to the Bible, the name of God was not revealed to man until Moses' time. So the use of the name "Creator" is quite appropriate, or at least no reason to dismiss the film. From what I have read, espite teh director's comments, there was a great effort NOT to contradict the text, although some artistic license was taken.
Candy, check the transcript!
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The Apostasy of World Vision

web_master Wrote: Mar 25, 2014 1:00 PM
Michael. Spot on.
You may be correct about them being trolls. However I don't have a problem with the question. Why? Because if your medium is words, then you ought to be able to use them correctly. The rest of us will make a lot of mistakes as we are not professionals. That this article was rushed into publication is also evidenced by the incorrect photo. How long does it take to get a correct photo? Katie usually does good work, but this just says "sloppiness" all around.
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