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Exactly right on, Mr. Bowler, except "this is the country the COMMUNISTS want". Don't mean to harp on it, but there's still a lot of folks who don't realize that just what Nikita Kruschchev said about taking over America w/o firing a shot is exactly what's happened.
The "democrats" no longer exist as a party - they are in fact the Communist party, but just as the Communist "way" is lies and deception, so are theirs! They certainly wouldn't own up to what they truly are -- Americans would have run like the plaque from them. So they just did it via stealth, kind of like Grubber (sp. intentional) did. No transparency. Google "1963, Congressional Record: Communist Goals for America". Hmmmm.....how are they doing? You decide.
Have any documentation of the Heritage Foundation being the architect of the individual mandate?
This shows how closely his agenda replicates Germany. Hitler was more humane too-- in the beginning. It's a riveting video. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mZYjgicQOJU
I can't believe that it was an exercise in forcing the public to repeal it, playing games with our lives. Had he done the right thing, America wouldn't be suffering under this ill-conceived push into full-fledged socialism (just a stop on the way to Communism).
They had better ideas before it was passed, they were just shut down. Will they have the cajones to articulate them to the American voters or stand by them, or just cave as always?
My question is: the Republicans just swept the House and Senate. WHY are clips of this jack*** not being played 24/7 and kept in the eye of the public? Why do they simply sit back and whimper when Obama lies and smears (which is every time he opens his mouth) rather than bringing it, putting him on the defensive? WHERE is their backbone? If they don't grow one SOON, I fervently believe it will be the end of the Republican party and a coalition of elements of the TEA party and libertarians will replace it. And it SHOULD. I've never seen such wimps in my life.
It's time we start calling a spade a spade. The libs detest it, because it shows what they really stand for. From now on, I won't call it "abortion", or a "woman's right to choose". I'll refer to it as infanticide. I won't call it "reproductive rights", I'll call it "refusal to be responsible for one's sexual behavior". The double-speak or political correctness is simply cultural Marxism. Disinformation IS their MO. Let's correct them from now on, shall we?
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