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"....and Hillary has it all locked up." Please, please, please let the Hag of Benghazi be the Democrat nominee.
Well, that didn't stick against the wall. But It did leave a stain, ooh, spin that!
GW, the Tea Party backed candidates were at a 73% success rate in the November midterms.
Not 57 though, right!?
"In a case that could affect farmers and consumers nationwide, six states are back in federal court to challenge a California ban on the sale of eggs from hens kept in cramped cages." A man dies for selling "illegal cigarettes" in NYC, how soon will a man die in California for selling "illegal eggs"? It isn't just the Second Amendment under attack by the Democrat Party. It is the "life, liberty, and pursuit of all who savior controlling it" becomes the new norm.
Is this "optic" before or after the Keystone veto?
Without the bias media only the well informed even knew about the first subpoenas.
The trickster Obama will soon flip-flop and address the attacks in Paris as "work place violence". “The future must not belong to those who slander the prophet of Islam.”
Remember Cantor.
Scott4672, I demand you recuse yourself from TH for exchanging posts with lois.
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