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It is "the calling", that is what is the language spoken in the Red State? Is it one of fundamental principle as that which founded this great Nation or? Does the blathering of the likes of Wasserman-Schultz echo throughout the Red State drowning out the truth?
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We Don’t Have to Have More Fergusons

weardley Wrote: Aug 25, 2014 4:45 PM
Just how stupid the blame whitey crowd is, Harry Reid owns you, Nancy Pelosi owns you, Chuck Schumer owes you, etc., etc., etc.,....
Oh, what a pretty little liar she is. Yes, oh so pretty as a typical THOT for the Democrat Party.
A snub at the ballot box for all Democrats will be the appropriate response.
Modern social media, not the bias old Guard of the Democrat ideologue is leading to the demise of the ol' race huckster everywhere. The truth has been fighting the narrative (the lie) for over one hundred years and is finally sinking in. Next cleansing, Hollywood, tinsel town of the self-absorbed crack-head illusionists of the surreal world of liberal bias.
This is why there is in existence the "Freedom From Religion Foundation (FFRF)". Understanding that the Constitution is based on religious beliefs and its authors/signers had such a firm belief in the divine, liberals are just to full of themselves and hatred.
Hmmm? A church flier is as rare as hen's teeth with only a select few having been chosen to carry one into the Pizzeria. All others are but Godless usurpers to the blessing of free will if not the blessing of life itself. Not just simple litigation to win this argument for the atheists but a full blown array of bull. The way the law is written is a litigators dream while a nightmare for the free citizen. The Pizzeria will win because then the godless will next target the vet and the discounts they get at eateries.
Tin, your statement on the outcome by the court, is it based on decisions that sides 100% with the atheists or is that just your opinion. Again, law is nothing but litigation by the biggest blowhard. Perhaps, you can comprehend this, I just don't agree with your opinion, can you live with that are will you sue me for not accepting your opinion as the ubor.
Is it up to the court to determine that a "gimmick" is covered in the Constitution or the Civil Rights law?
Tin, as litigation goes and as far as interpretation of the law is concerned, your interpretation isn't final. Until the court renders an actual verdict you can scream your opinion until your lungs collapse. Like JF4, I don't see a problem, just frivolity of the atheists. A coupon or a dead raccoon for a discount on pizza so can you argue a flier for the dead religion of the Mayan emperor.
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