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The citizens of AR are simply holding their cards close to their chest. However, all the illegal immigrants and the "dead" answer the poll.
Democrat, Amnesty, Mexico, Narcissist is abbreviated as (damn). Then you have Democrat, ISIS, Ebola that is abbreviated to (DIE). Yes, the Democrat Party of Death is doing its best to conquer all that stands in their path.
One doesn't really need much of an imagination as to what Wendy Davis would say about Gabby Gifford were the two women be fighting for the same nomination. Davis would be pulling the trigger to fire off any commercial of any caliber.
The Democrat Party of Death with a ghoul speaking out.
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Happy Indigenous Peoples’ Day!

weardley Wrote: Oct 12, 2014 9:06 AM
The most resent news alert about the ongoing invasion of the American southern border by illegal immigrants is the following. Mexico is paying the initial fee for all those illegals in America to get a work permit using the money America gives Mexico to secure their side of the border. The Democrat controlled White House hands over 10 million dollars to the Mexican diplomat who walks down the hall and buys 10 million in work permits. Of course the biggest problem having been Obama's executive orders that initiated the Dream Act. The Republican House has voted twice to defund the DACA, Obama's edict, but the Democrat Senate just drops it on the floor while declaring "Climate Change" is a greater threat than ISIS. This is why the Democrat wages a "war on coal" and the electric bill is so high. The Democrat Party continues its betray of America. But what the devil does that have to do with "indigenous people's day" you ask. Once the demographic of America is changed the indigenous people's day will go the way of the pledge of allegiance, Columbus Day, and religious freedom, (Christians only). America as a third world country, just what the liberal/progressive have in mind.
Walsh has nothing to worry about, Columbia University or Northwest University will give him a Masters-on-Demand or Doctorate-just-because so that he can continue his illustrate career as political hack.
The Party of Death (Democrat Party) own the abortion industry but demand sole proprietorship of pregnancy and they will make the your choice.
It isn't that the polls lie, the underlying truth is that the people being polled are pulling the leg of the pollster.
It has already been admitted that ISIS was within America and are crossing the southern border. These earlier announcements were made by security personal not elected officials. Perhaps this is the first elected official who did so announce that fact on national television.
Predictably the Democrat Party will acknowledge the first act of terror committed in the United States will be in 2017.
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