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So, now the Democrat Party has a mandate to ship as many illegal immigrants to Georgia as soon as possible.
By accessing this Youtube video your allow all your personal data open to Islamic terrorist who will hack into your accounts. Islamic terrorist don't have a rocket to reach American cities but it has been attacking American banks for quite a while. These Youtube videos give them the break they need.
The Hamasians need to rebuild their tunnels in Hamas City, so yeah, Hamas is demanding more American money to further their Charter of the destruction of Israel and the murder of every Jew.
Of course he does, wil_ isn't a hypocrite, he totally sympathizes with the Hamasians, (formally Palestinians) and the plight of Islam.
Anti-Semite trolls are no better than the anti-Semite trolls of the 7th Century. The crazed sympathizers of the murderous Islamic terrorist organization known as Hamas need to educate themselves.
Hamasistan formally Palestine populated by Hamasians formally Palestinians.
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Mrs. Obama's Desperate Plea

weardley Wrote: 7 hours ago (1:33 PM)
In the land of Hamasistan, the city of Hamas, the Hamasians demand a cease fire while firing a mighty barrage of missiles into the civilian population of Israel. But on the home front, on the southern border of America there is no border anymore and the illegal immigrants stream across into America like the invading horde that they are. So, the first lady of the first and worst pleads with America to just close their eyes and remember the euphoria of old. Come out, come out where ever you are and don't worry about an ID, the first lady has it on good authority that the DOJ is in pocket.
Con-Lib, I jest not about my conviction toward the bias media for they will always side with the Hamasians in Hamas City, of Hamasistan. Therefore, I side with Israel and wait for nothing. My name isn't Shirley.
"He that controls the spice controls the Universe", quote from the movie "Dune". Just replace the word spice with the word energy and you have the Democrat Party agenda, or replace it with healthcare, or private property, or the "fricking" weather for goodness sakes. Agenda driven specialty groups void of patriotism or a moral compass.
When news articles begin with the reality that "Israel continues its fight for survival against the Hamasians (formally Palestinians) in Hamas City (formally Gaza City), in the territory of Hamasistan (formally Palestine), then I'll take the bias media seriously.
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