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France Deserves Better Friends

wdwrkr Wrote: Jan 18, 2015 11:28 AM
I despise Obama, Kerry, Pelosi, Reid, Clinton and their leftist/prog gang. However, I will not criticize Obama for the Paris no-show at their "march" against the islamo-fascists. The leftists love to "march" to publicly show their indignation. Who cares about the "march"? It's actions that matter. None should question America's commitment to freedom/liberty simply because there was not a sufficiently senior member of the current administration in the Paris "march". This country has amply demonstrated that we will vigorously challenge threats to freedom/liberty in this world. The proof is seen at the grave yards of American soldiers in France and other sites in Europe.
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Paul Krugman Rejected by His Peers

wdwrkr Wrote: Jan 17, 2015 10:23 AM
"This belief, of course, leads them to all sorts of other loony ideas and policies." Unfortunately, your comment implies that Obama, and his accomplices, are acting in the best interest of the US. Their actions may be completely misguided, but, they believe these actions are beneficial to US. I have a different take on this. I believe Obama and his accomplices know their actions are not in our best interest. They don't care. They are leftists, have animus towards America, and will do everything they can to cause harm to America. I predict this will be abundantly evident as we get closer to January 2017, when Obama pulls increasingly more radical actions to cause as much damage as he can to America before his reign of terror expires.
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To Die for Charlie Hebdo?

wdwrkr Wrote: Jan 16, 2015 12:16 PM
Uh, Paolo, you may be the loon. The Charlie Hebdo murderers were FRENCH. Born and raised in FRANCE. They were motivated by their religious beliefs. They did not travel from the other side of the globe to commit their atrocity. And, yes, they hate us for our freedom. In this case the FREEDOM to draw cartoons.
"There are limits to freedom of expression when religion is insulted." Hey Popey, In this world, who decides when a religion is "insulted"? And, what if one does "insult" a religion? Is that individual put to death? Further, must all all printed words/images be reviewed by the ruling religious elite (to make sure no religion is "insulted") before the words/images are made public? Also, what if a religion is "insulting" to certain groups of people (homosexuals, women, jews, etc.)? How is that religion punished?
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Rep. Jeff Denham: 'We Will Pass A DHS Bill'

wdwrkr Wrote: Jan 15, 2015 12:16 PM
I like it Doc!
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A Triumph of Terrorism

wdwrkr Wrote: Jan 13, 2015 9:43 PM
" They hate us for our actions. " Why did they hate the persons in the Deli/market? Did those murdered in the market somehow insult the prophet? What were the "actions" of those murdered in the market that justified their being killed?
SA, it is a logical fallacy that Chief Cochran was not fired for his christian beliefs because all other christian employees were not fired also. The dismissal of chief Cochran could be intended to intimidate the other christians. Or, it could be that the mayor has not, yet, gotten around to firing the other christians.
Persons are not 'forced" to depend on gov't. However, many find it an acceptable alternative to becoming educated and getting a job. Further, dependence upon gov't is encouraged by Dems/libs/progs. The best slaves willingly put on their chains.
To feminists the problem is Kaley loving her husband......"him being a man and all" (movie line).
"does truth matter to the feminist left" More to the point, "does truth matter to the left"
"Jeb Bush 2016 presidential run" a Demonrat?
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