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How Hamas Blew It

wdwrkr Wrote: Jul 19, 2014 4:48 PM
WJF, I think to call HAMAS a terrorist organization actually minimizes the true horror they would like to inflict upon Israelis. "Terrorism" implies that they are using a tactic to achieve a political goal. In fact HAMAS, and many Muslims and Arabs, has a blind hatred of Jews and would like nothing more than to kill every Jew, wherever they are found. This transcends mere terrorism.
Obama has asked for $3.7Billion to care for illegals crossing into America. How about we stop the flow of illegals and direct the $3.7B to care for our veterans? Just an idea.
I know, I know......why don't we turn over operation of our entire national health care system to the Federal gov't? Won't that make it function better???
"....give them food and clothing then send them back to their parents!" Then, deduct all the expenses from money that was earmarked by US gov't as "foreign aid" to their countries of origin!
This sounds like the muslims are practicing "collective punishment" upon French jews. I seem to recall that muslims always complain about "collective pinishment" when it is directed at them.
mshandy (propagandist), What I clearly remember is rockets being fired into Israel, from Gaza, for several years. The Israelis have shown remarkable restraint. However, they have, justifiably, decided they must take action to stop the rockets. It matters not one wit that few Israelis have been killed by the rockets FROM GAZA. The rockets are indiscriminately targeting any place in Israel they can reach. This places millions of Israelis (this includes children) in danger. We all know peace would come instantly if rockets were no longer being fired into Israel from Gaza. We also know that Hamas is supported by the Gazan population, and, that Hamas has no intention of making peace with Israel. There it is. That is the situation. Your propaganda does not change the situation.
You clearly do not understand America very well. At present American Christians ARE under attack and are being suppressed in America. Oh, and you can drop the fake concern for Gaza Christians. No one is buying it.
mshandy (aka liar/propagandist), It is not up to Israelis to arrest the people responsible for firing rockets from Gaza territory. It is up to the Gaza residents to arrest those responsible for rocket firing. Since the Gazans have made no effort to stop the rocket firing, then they are completely complicit in the rocket firing and Israel has every right to take whatever action they deem appropriate to stop the firing of rockets. This is nothing but a campaign to create propaganda by those Arabs that (falsely) call themselves "Palestinians". If the Gaza population wanted peace they would have it immediately by stopping the firing of rockets into Israel.
" As Sen. Coburn says, $20 million will fly all of these aliens home -- first class!" After flying them home, the $20million should be deducted from any foreign aid funds received by the countries of origin!
Mr. Louisiana, Great comments! I agree. The current problems are 50% over-reach by Obama and 50% reluctance of Boehner to wield the authority provided to him by the constitution.
Good idea Don. No NEW allocations of money. Take the funds from existing allocations to NPR, PP, Alternative energy give-aways, welfare, food stamps, etc. Tell the Obama LIV supporters that their food stamps have to be cut to support the illegals. Let's see how that goes over.
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