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Someone Tell President Obama: American Bridges Aren't "Crumbling"

wdvander Wrote: Feb 23, 2013 12:02 PM
How about we just use highway funds for highways? Why do we spend highway funds to install acres of plants along roadways knowing there are no local dollars for maintenance of those plantings. The DOT has used untold dollars on projects like this that only benefit local areas. Federal dollars should only be for projects that benefit "federal" people. In other words, everyone. Build and maintain the heck out of U.S. and Interstate highways. Get after it. Those are great things that benefit the economy. Don't provide dollars to local projects like trains and busses, unless those have benefit to lower costs related to federally funded roads. Also, the costs of those local projects must be less than the current maintenance costs.
President Obama has been on a blitz while pushing what seems to be an evergreen priority for Democrats these days: "infrastructure investment." In his State of the Union speech, President Obama spoke of Merica's "deteriorating roads and bridges" and proposed what he called a "Fix-It-First" program that would see the government hire construction workers to work on America's infrastructure.

This worry is overblown. The Reason Foundation put out a report this week that found America's infrastructure is in fine shape, though there's certainly work to be done.

All 50 states lowered their highway fatality rates from 1989 to 2008...