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Why does Townhall continue to advertise when partisan parasites like Stewart are forced to recognize the idiocy of those on the left. Stewart is a leftist who is a blindness supporter of Obama and his agenda. Stewart thinks people who have conservative beliefs are idiots. Keep this guy off Townhall.
if this is he truth, I am terribly disappointed in Leno.
this is assuming that the 12-14 million estimated by BO and his minions to be in the country illegally is an accurate number. If the number were actually in the 30 million as estimated by realists, this amnesty program would offer relief to 15 million. That would be 15 million new Obamacare customers, SNAP customers, Section 8 housing grantees, and non-taxpaying leaches on society.
what the hell does Howard Dean have to say about BOCare? He was in the middle of the lobbying effort to convince all the democrats in the House to vote for it. He is just as responsible for this POS legislation being hoisted upon us.
Those calling for Planned Parenthood to drop Dunham as a paid pie hole, well won't happen. She now has more street cred that she has admitted doing what Planned Parenthood has been doing for decades. If there were an organization that has been abusing babies, it is Planned Parenthood.
I have bought my last Trek bicycle. Sorry Trek, but there are numerous companies that build the same thing you do.
Poor deluded, brain damaged former Congressman being pimped out by her slime bag husband.
Glad SECDEF took a butt load of democrat governors, none of whom are from states on the southern border, to get terror updates.
I hope those three "men" were prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law. I have to wonder what kind of person her "boyfriend" was to have turned her over to his friends. That is beyond my understanding. I cannot possibly define my response should someone to that same thing to my daughter. I would probably be a participant in the judicial system should that happen, as blood would be spilled.
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Poll: Huckabee Clear Favorite in Iowa

wdvander Wrote: Sep 15, 2014 9:45 AM
this only strengthens my viewpoint that Iowa having the first primaries is a total waste of time and money. Its getting to be comparable to a Las Vegas ad campaign, what happens in Iowa stays in Iowa. The winner of those primaries RARELY carry on to a nomination.
the idea of a Hillary vs Christie for president should have us all planning to relocate to some other nation. The U.S. would become a laughing stock if either of those people became president.
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