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I hope those three "men" were prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law. I have to wonder what kind of person her "boyfriend" was to have turned her over to his friends. That is beyond my understanding. I cannot possibly define my response should someone to that same thing to my daughter. I would probably be a participant in the judicial system should that happen, as blood would be spilled.
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Poll: Huckabee Clear Favorite in Iowa

wdvander Wrote: Sep 15, 2014 9:45 AM
this only strengthens my viewpoint that Iowa having the first primaries is a total waste of time and money. Its getting to be comparable to a Las Vegas ad campaign, what happens in Iowa stays in Iowa. The winner of those primaries RARELY carry on to a nomination.
the idea of a Hillary vs Christie for president should have us all planning to relocate to some other nation. The U.S. would become a laughing stock if either of those people became president.
Did he just suggest that mooslims are actually Satan worshipers?
I'm confused why the legislature of any state should pass a bill that defines sexual assault differently on a college campus than it is defined on a street corner, at a home, in a car or on the beach.
I am shocked that Don Lemon did not editorialize while reading the account from the radio call in. Now, I am sure there was editorializing that went on after, but not during.
The UN and the White House are anti-Semitic organizations. This statement just further confirms that thought.
wonder how the media will represent this governspeak.
If the frank eater was a truthful man, he would have told the nation that BO and his minions were lying. He was, however, a democrat before he was a leader and stayed silent. Coward.
I don't want to chew on anything related to Justice Ginsberg.
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