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It’s Time for a New Labor Day

wdecicco Wrote: Sep 01, 2012 8:33 AM
The only time I saw a UNION rep was at election time for himself and to hell with the people he was supposed to help. I told him yo go home he was not wanted here, I don't think he under stud the issue...........
Labor Day was originally set aside to reflect upon contributions the labor movement has made to keep our nation strong and prosperous. This year, however, Americans should focus on how far the labor movement has moved away from its roots.

Unions that once served to protect their employee-members have since transformed into personal piggy banks for the Democratic Party. During the 2010 election alone, 93 percent of the hundreds of millions of invested in politics by unions went to support Democratic candidates, even though 42 percent of union households voted for GOP candidates.

Many Americans were outraged...