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The Republican Hispanic Challenge

wcouch Wrote: Dec 03, 2012 11:06 AM
This is very true, now look at what we have. A social/marxist admin that is corrupt every way, because the blacks and the dope smoking hippies that are chromosome damaged have teamed up with each other. So why not get the ileagels a shot at the apple. makes no diffrence where you come from south of the border, you can vote DEM, and here's your free call phone, but you get 250 mins a month.

Although Mitt Romney took flak for his statement that he lost the election because President Obama bestowed “gifts” on key parts of the electorate, what he said is basically true.

We’re stuck in a deadly spiral where economic growth is retarded because the economy is larded with enormous and ever-increasing government spending and debt. Yet, more and more Americans want the lard.

President Obama got re-elected by promising to continue to serve it up.

Romney’s failure, and the failure of the Republican Party, is not that Obama is pulling this off, but that they can’t get their act together to explain...