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No one....I mean NO one in government has what it will take to turn this Titanic called America away from the impending iceberg. If they did have it ,it would never be implemented because there are to many in DC who wish America harm. And if harm means doing away with then so be it. If America even keeps her name after they are through with her we will be lucky. I think that the reason there is no more uprising than there is , is because most feel overwhelmed and are clueless what to do to turn the tide. After November I think things will change one way or the other. If we continue on this downward spiral then we will probably have to hit bottom before the masses react. But when they do....Marshall law will have zero affect. It will be dog eat dog and you better be ready. It is not going to be pretty.
Forget WWIII...the collapse of the world economy will eliminate about half or more of the population. Between the looting and the fight to prevent looting , the war between the have and have nots will be brutal. Get ready its coming. It will be getter to be a have than a have not but there will be the fight of your life to keep what little you have. Talk about dog eat dog....you'll wish you had a dog to eat.
The America you live in is the America you choose to live in. This is the only "pro choice" you should need. Yes we all have "things" thrust upon us and maybe the "blacks" have more than most but...its not what happens to you that defines you as an a American. It what you do about it that matters. Johnson's "great society" is not looking so "great now a days ....is it? Never did and never will. Keep a close eye on EVERY thing a liberal does because there is a catch in there somewhere. They have to "keep the masses" under control in order to stay in control. No free thinkers allowed....not in their America.
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Navy Removes Bibles From Guest Rooms

wcollier Wrote: Aug 12, 2014 7:16 PM
They still have a chaplain ? Why? Let them keep it up. Remove all evidence that there is a God and maybe , just maybe God will remove all evidence that there was an America. Besides what does an all powerful military need with a God? Or better yet...what does God need with the complacency of this Government.
The cops are to busy trying not to step on illegal toes but will blow away a natural born citizen in a new York minute. Even if they hold their hands in the air.
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A Fair Critique of the Fair Tax

wcollier Wrote: Aug 09, 2014 7:02 AM
I like either plan. The only problem is that once the lawyers get a hold of it , they will put all kind of stipulation in it in order to make it more "fair" for the "poor". If and when it passed , it would have to read ...that no one can make changes to the law at any point. And we all know that will never happen.
This has happened ever since WWII. Korea was the beginning of the end .
If we could just get the government to do completely nothing then the economy would turn itself around. Every time it starts an up tic then the government does something to "help" it and all hell is all that happens. By design I dare say. "our" current admin. Has done everything possible to kill this great system we have. Now that they have stabbed it, all they want to do is twist the knife.
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GUILTY: For Just Being Christian

wcollier Wrote: Jul 20, 2014 4:36 PM
Marriage is not a right , civil or otherwise. It is a choice. Marriage is from God. Not government. Civil union can be from government. If you want to implement that in same sex cases then go for it. There is NO reason to pollute something that is from God.
Is he a native American? If not then how would he know. Blacks say racist things all the time about whites because they are not white so they don't know its racist. (sarc) I may say something to "offend" him....I don't know because I'm not this race. If you are offended then you are weak. Grow some nads and shake it off and move on.
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