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"Is it relevant that while the world watched the Michael Brown case, two black teenagers and one Hispanic teenager were arrested for murder in a deadly hammer attack against a St. Louis man?” No. It’s not relevant. This is the sort of thing Right Wingers throw up to demonize Black Americans. Want to do a Google search on Whites committing crimes? Or is due diligence and an awareness of Statistics too much of a bother?
It’s called “addressing a need”. So you have one program that helps Seniors, one that helps school kids, one that helps disabled Veterans... Now, maybe YOU would rather there was ONE program that handled everything, but I have to tell you, that’s not the path to efficiency.
You’re so confused. When people spend their paycheck, no matter where it came from, THAT stimulates the Economy. Someone buys a Refrigerator with their money, and it generates Revenue for the appliance store. So, you’ve been taught that a dollar spent by an American Soldier isn’t a “real” dollar, and doesn’t stimulate the Economy or generate Revenue ? Why do you hate the troops, Commie ? The problem with people that believe in Supply Side Economics is, they’re stupid. But they’re SO vehement that one actually TOLD me that anyone working for the Government, be it President, Senator, or Marine, doesn’t HAVE a “job”.
The problem is, you believe that without even for a moment thinking “now when did Obama sign any laws increasing Welfare ?”. Because he didn’t. Our National Debt increased for several reasons. Bush spent Trillions on the National Credit Card; that’s called “Continuing Resolutions”. Bush cut Taxes on the Rich, so the Balanced Budget we had vanished, up in smoke. We aren’t getting the tax revenue from the upper 1% of Americans, so we have to continue doing business without the money. And we have continuing costs taking care of our wounded and battered Veterans after the bone-numbing year on year on year of fighting. When Bush walked OUT of the White House, the Bush Deficit was $1.632 Trillion. That’s before Obama even sat down. And the new President can’t even suggest changing the Budget for 9 months, because our National Fiscal year starts in October. Since then, Obama has cut the Bush Deficit by more than half. We got out of Iraq, but we’re still wasting money extracting ourselves from Afghanistan. Fortunately, this is the LAST year for that nightmare. The truth is, Obama has held spending down lower than any President in decades. I realize you’re been taught to believe otherwise. Why don’t you do some research? http://useconomy.about.com/od/usdebtanddeficit/p/US-Debt-by-President.htm
Actually, Obama said “If you already have insurance coverage through work, and you like your Insurance, keep it. Nothing in this Act requires you to change your Insurance or your Doctor”. The dim wits on the Right edited his comment and twisted it. It was about how people on Group Insurance didn’t have to do anything; the RW made it a blanket promise that nobody needed to change.
If it were “illegal or unconstitutional”, don’t you think the Supreme Court would have said so? Try shopping the Exchanges, you might find a better deal. You took the “safe” path, you stayed with your Insurance Agency when they jacked up your Premiums and raised your co-pays. You can be lazy and pay them more, or you can click a button and look for a better deal. Of course, if you find a better deal, you won’t have an excuse to complain.
Congressmen can’t “opt out” of the ACA, they are required by LAW to participate in it. Harry Reid’s actual statement is that the anti-ACA claims are “untrue”. And since every one has been examined, and the so-called victims turned out to SAVE money... he’s right. You’d think the Koch Brothers could find somebody that would be a better Poster Child for their issue. But they’d have to find someone making 400% over the Poverty level that wouldn’t qualify for a Subsidy; someone on an Individual Policy; someone who hasn’t benefited by the “no pre-existing conditions” clause. Mz Boonstra fails as a Poster Child because she was diagnosed 5 years ago, and NOW need not fear being turned down for insurance should she lose her policy and have to shop for a new one. If the Koch Brothers keep looking long enough, they’ll find somebody. But it will turn out to be someone making enough money to pay for a Gold Plan... and that will hurt their propaganda’s success.
Most of that downward Spiral is thanks to Reaganomics. America was REALLY well off before Reagan. There had been a mild Recession caused by Carters successful efforts to stop Inflation, but a man could support his family on one income, have a boat, a vacation cabin, and start a business on the side... my Father did all that. Today, with the Rise of the Billionaires, and the deliberate offshoring of our best jobs, America is weakened. The key if you’ve walked into a minefield? Go back the way you came.
Absolutely. The whole “Slavery” thing was set up to handle the Irish “Indentured Servants”. The African Slaves were just added to the mix and the Irish worked to death.
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