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What We Know Now

wbonnie Wrote: Sep 18, 2012 3:48 AM
More excuses while you'll lose. Waaah Waah waaah, go change your diaper. You know Mormon Mitt has no chance of winning so, you just make $hit up. Stop watching Hannity and Faux News and you may learn someting you idiot.

There are several facts that are now beginning to trickle out into the MSM, and important to note for anyone with eyes to see:

(1) A local security official in Benghazi says he warned Americans three days before the 9/11/12 attacks that the security situation was deteriorating.


(2) Heavy machine guns and rocket propelled grenades were used to attack the consulate from three sides simultaneously (hardly the indicia of a spontaneous anti-movie protest).



(3) The information about an American...