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OK voters. If you don't favor his amnesty for millions of law-breaking illegals, President Obama thinks you're so stupid that you won't punish dems in the elections simply because he's delaying action until after the election. He doesn't lie about what he intends to do. He doest even try to hide it. The election is a month away. Show Obama you're not as stupid as he thinks by punishing dems in every way you can think of & if anybody asks about it, be sure to tell them it's because of Obama.
If I was former Deputy Assistant Secretary Raymond Maxwell, I would be in fear for my life!
President Obama prefers the illegals & any muslim to American citizens. He's entitled to his preferences.
While you might be able to convince me the "victims" of abortion include others than the aborted babies themselves, you'll never convince me to include the abortionists.
What you tell people you expect from them is pretty much what you get from them. President Obama tells people only to hop aboard the gravy train.
Obama: “You give me this office and, in turn, my fears, doubts, insecurities, foibles, need for sleep, family life, vacations, leisure is gone. I am giving myself to you." Sure, that's not how it turned out, but the only reason is GOP obstructionism!
Why don't you Libyan kalakalakas try stomping your feet & holding your breath until you turn blue? Manbe that'll work.
Haqqani? Isn't that the Indain tribe on "F Troop?" Chief Wild Eagle, Crazy Cat & the rest of the boys.
The Obama Adminstration has no problem shooting first & asking questions later when it comes to ramming its policies down the public's throat. But it always requires further study before getting rid of incompetent government bureaucrats.
Why would dems want to vote this time? They see what happened when they voted last time.
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