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The Chevy Volt: One Part Social Security, Two Parts Postal Service

wbiber Wrote: Oct 19, 2012 10:37 PM
Welllllllll I just finished my first year of Volt ownership. 14300 miles 109 gallons of gasoline The car I traded in, an Acura MDX, would have used about 720 gallons to go the same number of miles. My daily electric cost, from nuclear, was about 60 cents a day. That works out to a savings of about $1900 at gas prices here and it is a joy to drive, very quiet and smooth as glass on battery power.

Georgia Boy wrote: Actually, President Obama has not raised taxes on anybody, but I think he will raise taxes on the wealthiest (back to historic levels) when he gets his second term. That said, Ransom is just another Rat-wing speculation, pretty much full of bovine manure. -France’s “No Limit” Tax Perfect for Zero

Dear Comrade Boy Georgia,

You’re right about Obama wanting to bring taxes to historic levels, although like most liberals you don’t understand what you are saying. Still, rest assured, if you did understand what you said about taxes at historic levels, you’d be for that too.

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