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More RINO scrambling ahead of the Primaries. Save your energy, Ryan.
Quite an eloquent rebuttal to remedial Marxist agitprop. Are you two speechwriters for the two Parties?
Buh-bye Piers; come-back-when-you-can't-stay-so-long.
Conservatives absolutely must take control of the GOP and defund this fascist climate industry. It's like the Federal food programs, which have very little to do with feeding hungry people, but everything to do with expanding a Government fiefdom to increase power and money for bureaucrats.
This is little more than remedial Alinskyite agitation, to try and keep the little mindwashed Prog drones in the base stirred up, in hopes they will show up for the Midterms. If conservatives are able to take control of the GOP, and get a majority this November, they should draft a bill to extradite the billionaire felon, George Soros, to France, so he can face justice. A small diplomatic, behind-the-scenes threat to the French, should ensure that his sentence is appropriate to his crimes, and his billions don't buy off the Judge(s).
J.R. identified the technical Obarrycare flaw correctly, but his premise is incorrect, that "math" is driving this fiasco. Barry Obama, Valerie Jarrett, Cass Sundstein, Harold Reid, Nancy Pelosi, J.Napolitano, Zeke & Rahm Emanuel, George Soros, and company, couldn't give a nuclear-powered e*ff whether more money comes in than goes out or vice-versa, as regards the ACA or any other Federal program. These people, currently in charge at the highest levels, are consummate, driven little Fascist power freaks; the 'omnipotent moral busybodies' that C.S. Lewis referred to long ago. They have set an end goal of providing the Federal bureaucracy with the power to micromanage the 'little people's' lives with brute force, and are busily engaged in reverse-engineering to make it happen.
Hey Mit, what are you blabbing about now? You realize that if you hadn't run such a clueless, cr*ppy campaign, then we wouldn't be stuck with this putz for another four years?
The FFRF members are not atheists, but rather G-d hating, Fascist anti-theists, who react like Dracula to Holy Water whenever they hear reference to the Bible.. Maybe an exorcism would be helpful for them?
The moral-of-this-story, is that Ukraine shouldn't have given up their nukes and should have built up their military...Guaranteed that Putin wouldn't have put even his little toe into Ukraine if they had done previous.
Hey Scott W, if you have the sense to stay the e*ff away from the amnesty idiocy, you have a very good chance at the GOP nomination, should you decide to run in '16. You may be the one candidate that could unite establishment RINOs and regular, working Tea Party patriot American schleps to defeat the common Prog enemy....Fingers and toes are crossed for your continued vision, guts, and savvy, big guy.
I disagree, Kim560. The low-information-Demoprog-voters could be manipulated to stay home on election day, if only the GOP had a clue, so that they had less of an impact.
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