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This is a tough issue...I don't think it's a good idea to allow concealed-carry for college kids generally, but in cases of females being stalked, seems like State legislators and/or universities could make an exception.
The "Republicans want to ban birth control" meme is one the Demoprog leadership has decided to give a try this November. Nancy Pelosi was spewing this pap a couple days ago too.
The Palestinians should called it the "day of agitating Jew-hating, semi-literate, mind-washed, Sharia fascist kids".
What's Barry O doing? Playing golf and fundraising.
At least someone in D.C. seems to have-the-backs of regular, working schleps in flyover country. The headline for this is over the top, though. Can we save 'destroyed' for more momentous occasions, there KP?
Events like the MS election fraud by establishment RINOS, while exasperating, are also excellent for clearly delineating which D.C. pols are on the side of the permanent-political-class, and which ones are on the side of we regular, working American schleps who are footing the bills and doing the work. Rand Paul has now showed his 'hand' and likely sh*canned any POTUS aspirations.
Uhhh joka-ol'-pal, how is government forcing women to have a child by not paying ten bucks a month for her boink-pills? Are you forcing me to have kids by not paying for my rubbers? Just really, is this what they teach in public screwals nowadays?
Actually, this is a rare, impressive marketing move by the ordinarily clueless, puke-inducing RINO castrati in D.C. --- In today's America, it's necessary for politicians to pretend to be the pseudo-boyfriend/husbands of recently graduated coeds who spent four years in curricula such as 'gyno-studies', and who think that someone else should be forced to pay for anything/everything that relates to their 'gyno'. Bravo McConnell, even though I detest you and the other D.C. political meth-wh*res, as this has your fingerprints all over it and might actually put the Demoprog Marxists on their heels for a few days. Now, if only we can get enough conservative patriots out in November to vote your a*s out onto the street and plug a ticked off conservative into your slot....
"Cyndi Lauper is an American singer, songwriter and actress who has a net worth of $30 million..." --- Hey Cyndi, you filthy-rich celebutard, if you only took $20 million of your $30 million dollar fortune, you could buy birth control pills for 115,000 women for an entire year? So why don't you squealing little prog multi-millionaires, liquidate your fortunes and use them to buy food, healthcare and birthcontrol pills for the compassionate, starving girl-Americans? Or alternately, you could split up your $20 million dollar fortune and use half to buy rubbers for compassionate men-Americans, and the other half to buy birth-control pills for compassionate girl-Americans? What's holding you back? If you lead by example in demonstrating your infiinite compassion for the downtrodden children-Americans, minority-Americans, and girl-Americans, then maybe the racist-bigot-homophobe-angry-white-male-Christian-patriarchy will follow your example?
Good job and entertaining, as always, by J. Waters. It's quite instructive and useful to confront these people and turn their tactics against them by mocking their remedial propaganda and holding-them-to-their-own standards; Alinsky 101.
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