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The ugly truth is that they are male computer programming nerds. He's gonna get quite a surprise if he hasn't already.
This year's GOP Primary season has provided three clear lessons to us Tea Party patriots if we are to ever unseat the D.C. bloodsuckers: 1) We absolutely HAVE to figure out a way to raise more $; LOTS more $. 2) Refer to number 1) above 3) Refer to number 2) above
Holy-majolie, that one gal raked the instructor with her finger-on-trigger. That guy should get hazardous duty pay.
If the establishment GOP had even a thimble-full of brains, they would run ads showing Kay Hagan next to the failed child-emperor, Barry Obama and the billionaire Nazi collaborator and convicted felon George Soros. A vote to keep Kay in office is a vote to let the aforementioned continue to run America into the ground.
Clinical-Prog-Projection-Disorder... Actually, Barry's Worldview is a "feckless delusion".
Wake up SteveAZ...The global-cooling-I-mean-global-warming-I-mean-climate-change 'crisis' is a scam, and there is no need for Americans to tithe to Gaia-the-Earth-Diety to atone for releasing CO2. Shed that burden and we can move on to relieving you of the next Prog hallucination on the list. :)
It likely wouldn't even require that....A college acquaintance of mine (quite a few years ago) apparently date-r*ped a coed after they both had some adult beverages. The father and large brother of the girl caught wind of previous and showed up in his yard soon thereafter. Not sure exactly what was said, but other acquaintances who witnessed it said that he was frightened out of wits and squalled like a baby while begging them not to hurt him. Never laid a finger on him but he never got near her again.
This is a tough issue...I don't think it's a good idea to allow concealed-carry for college kids generally, but in cases of females being stalked, seems like State legislators and/or universities could make an exception.
The "Republicans want to ban birth control" meme is one the Demoprog leadership has decided to give a try this November. Nancy Pelosi was spewing this pap a couple days ago too.
The Palestinians should called it the "day of agitating Jew-hating, semi-literate, mind-washed, Sharia fascist kids".
What's Barry O doing? Playing golf and fundraising.
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