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Point taken, HVIII, but she's dealing with more than just IRS abuses here, but also dealing with possible felonies by Democrat House members and/or Senators, some of the most powerful people in America. Hopefully the Polyanna persona is misleading. Praying that I'm completely wrong on this.
Thanks smitty, and impressive credentials for this lady. Wonder how she is in court and in cross examining hostile witnesses? Maybe this isn't her job? Will be thrilled if my first impression is completely wrong, and she burrows into these people in spite of their stonewalling.
Okay, just really? This Cleta Mitchell lady seems like she should be helping serve pastries at a PTA meeting. When are conservatives going to get serious and hire some sharks to go after these D.C. fascists?
Exactly bdw. Issa is incompetent, along with most of his cohorts in D.C. -- Bring in the I.T. specialist or an outside one and authorize them to dig into the Lerner's harddrive. Nothing to be gained from putting another Prog liar in front of Congress if you aren't going to prosecute them for perjury.
Okay, just shut up please Barry...Do we really have to listen to your ridiculous jabber for another two years? This is part of America's punishment from G-d.
Well done, but that hits way too close to home.
Ann has a point, as J. Beth Martin and and other leaders of so-called "national" Tea Party groups blew this one, and better re-evaluate strategy FAST if they want to stay relevant and continue getting donations. Many of us regular Tea Party conservatives were wondering why Ms.Martin and these other visible T.P. leaders were not putting $$ into visible ad campaigns in AT LEAST the Districts/States where a RINO had a strong conservative challenger? It's shows a lack of political savvy and competence to think that a 25% lead by an incumbent is insurmountable against an ALMOST UNKNOWN challenger... Wake up J. Beth! Wake up T.P. Super PAC! We conservatives absolutely HAVE to get more $$ into Primaries in order to dispense with backstabbing RINOs in the D.C. permanent political class; we can't continue to 'spot' the Establishment a multi-million dollar advantage in every race.
Completely wrong, of course. If you think G-d hating Demoprogs/Socialists like Nancy Pelosi are thrilled that another devout Christian and small-Government conservative will likely be going to D.C., then we need to see about getting you drug tested.
Yes, we two factions in the GOP do see it differently. With tens of thousands of American citizens raped, robbed, molested, and murdered every year by illegal aliens, the only reason Demoprogs can use it as an issue against us is because the current pathetic, tepid, gutless establishment GOP are too clueless to use it as an issue against THEM.
This is "The Information Age"...You don't need a gazillion dollars to blanket TV and radio waves to get a message out anymore.
More accurately, the reason for the upset was Cantor's support for A-M-N-E-S-T-Y, and not for "immigration reform"....What does that even mean?
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