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MOT, your suspicions would be correct, sir. Remember that MA is the State that, after Hurricane Sandy hit, forced non-union workers to leave the State, instead of helping the victims of previous.
Fyi to, drug dealers aren't "unlicensed pharmacists" and illegal aliens are not "undocumented immigrants".
Ha, great column from Ann, as usual, but the World Cup is the one soccer event that is truly exciting. If only they could replicate it more often than once every four years :)
Sunspot activity tracks quite close to Earth's global temperature, and in fact is much more likely the cause warming/cooling cycles than CO2 levels, the latter of which trails the temperature curve plotted against time.
"The science" seems to be in question here. Mr.Thomas merely pointed out this fact, along with the fact that the big-Government collectivists and climate-shills in government academies(e.g. East Anglia), have been caught lying, using phony data, fudging data, intimidating skeptics, and etc etc... The "vast conspiracy" over the global-cooling-I-mean-global-warming-I-mean-climate-change-crisis, is roughly equivalent to the "vast conspiracy" involving highly paid shills who testified for the tobacco companies.
The so-called "MSM" have devolved into "America's Pravda".
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Sex Change Regret

waynesteapartyworld Wrote: Jun 21, 2014 4:13 AM
Participating in the transgender "mental disorder", from the head of psychiatry at Johns Hopkins:
GS, this is little more than commie/alinsky-dictatorship 101. Draft tens of thousands of laws that no one can follow completely, and then selectively enforce them against political opponents.
Walker showed immense courage the past couple of years, for taking on these vicious little Prog fascists and their dime-store union hood muscle, that had a strangle-hold on their State. He and other conservatives though, need to take this lesson and realize that the thieving, lying statist power freaks never give up, and so he should go on offense against the prosecutors, expose them, and try to get them disbarred.
Point taken, HVIII, but she's dealing with more than just IRS abuses here, but also dealing with possible felonies by Democrat House members and/or Senators, some of the most powerful people in America. Hopefully the Polyanna persona is misleading. Praying that I'm completely wrong on this.
Thanks smitty, and impressive credentials for this lady. Wonder how she is in court and in cross examining hostile witnesses? Maybe this isn't her job? Will be thrilled if my first impression is completely wrong, and she burrows into these people in spite of their stonewalling.
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