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The Marketplace Fairness Act Will Support Small Businesses

r27cj, So you think that brick and mortar stores have no shipping costs? Who do you think pays for the transport of goods to their stores?
r27cj Wrote: Apr 28, 2013 11:00 PM
Yes, brick&mortar pays shipping to the store. News flash: so do online retailers! They pay to have merchandise shipped to their warehouse. Both add those costs to their pricing. Buyers pay shipping to have merchandise sent to them. That's additional cost!

Republicans in Ohio last week took an important step toward broad tax reform when the state House of Representatives approved an across-the-board reduction in the personal income tax. That tax cut, however, is contingent upon Congress passing legislation that will allow Ohio and other states to have online-only retailers remit state sales tax just like any other business does. The U.S. Senate is now poised to grant states this power via the aptly named Marketplace Fairness Act. This legislation levels the economic playing field by putting small businesses on the same footing as online-only outfits. Conservatives should embrace this needed reform.