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Who was it then?
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Irresponsible Choices

You said it right, Darby.
I( believe that it was God's permissive will that there should be a fall. I believe that it fits into the plan of God. Else, how would He have been able to express His attributes of savior, healer, comforter, and such. Also, since we inherited this fallen nature in our flesh, there is grace [if we accept that grace] because we could not help our pitiful condition. Now if we go on through salvation, santification, and receiving God's Spirit within us, there is now another Life within us that does not sin and cannot sin. Still this Inner Man lives within a flesh that still has a nature that is selfish, untruthful, envious, and lustful. Now there is a war within. This battle is to give us the opportunity to be an overcomer. This makes character and this is what God wants out of us in this life here.
Loving the sinner is ok. Loving the sin to justify someone is not ok.
If you look at the cities that are 'governed' by blacks, it seems to spell failure, failure, and failure. So I can see where there is good in some good black leadership that is balanced by whites. When the preponderance moves to non-white, there is white flight by the able....just reality.
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No Facts, No Peace

Broken record.
Also you gotta have the attention getting lines....being responsible is sooo boring.
Yes, the JFK shock of hair type has reined in many woman.
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Policing a Riot

I think it is two things...they elected Bill Clinton and perhaps Obama. ....and they are druggies too often.
If you are led of the Spirit to do that work, then go. If you are led of a church spirit only, then you are not qualified to go I would say.
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