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joycey, Did you get up on the wrong side of the bed this morning?
Obamacare is a wealth redistribution scheme. By older people paying for unneeded services, it helps pay for the subsidized persons.
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Bullies Rule

Who is he? How about better id for your target? Fluoride is not always just fluoride. Some forms are the commonly used form.
Gr_Zinj, Hell is real. It is the prison that unbelievers go to when they die. Eventually hell will give up her dead and they will go to their trial...The Great Judgment. The adjudged wicked will be cast into the Lake Of Fire. As the apostle Paul wrote, "The wicked go into everlasting destruction."...NOT everlasting destructing.
Good article, Paul. Too bad the chattering politicols are not very reachable.
Rebecca, This is he best column of all on Townhall. God bless you.
You finally got it Tins......well, not really.
eric, Seeing that you have chimed in here, who do you support?
eric,, You might just be able to get a job as Jay Carney's back up man. You have the right diversionary talents.
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