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Let it be known...shout it from the house tops...there is a difference between christians in name and claim and born of God's Spirit Christians.
Let's face it: We are all born with a nature that wants to hide some of the truth. Also that sinful nature is selfish, envious, and lustful. We could not help our pitiful God offers His grace and forgiveness...if we will receive it. If we receive Christ into our hearts, we begin a journey where we can receive a new nature that does not sin..and can not sin. Still, we have that old nature in the flesh [the outer man] while having another nature in our soul [the inner man]. These natures are at war with each other to cause us to become overcomers of sin and grow in character to live with God eternally. Character is not a gift but a victory.
Too many of these rapes are where the female let down her guard. How effective is a gun on a passed out female?
The first verse of the Bible says, "In the beginning God created the heavens and the earth." Notice the period. That settles it for me. The only date or timeline was...'in the beginning'. It could have been and likely was about 14 or so billions of years ago. If there was a big bang, that sounds like God to me. If God created a 'universe seed' like an acorn, that sounds like God to me. Everywhere it looks looks like God to me. Eventually He made man in His image. There may have been near man creatures before Adam [and there was one in the garden than was punished by losing its near manness...yet without a soul] Adam can be traced back to about 6,000 years.
I believe it was Billy Graham that said to the effect that it would be better to have a less religious president [like Reagan] than a more religious president [like Carter] who is much less qualified otherwise.
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True Lies

M.A. Harris, The most clever lies are telling some truth but leaving out important truth and then presenting this as THE truth.
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Stealing From God

Good one David. Yes, God even made the possibility of evil....for His own purposes. Without someone lost, He could not manifest His attribute of Savior. Without persons needing comfort or healing, He could not manifest His attributes of Comforter or healer. God knows the end from the beginning and can predestinate His purposes. He is sovereign and nothing is out of kilter. Even His elect [and more so] have to deal with the evil flesh nature they were born with. It is to resist evil and become overcomers. Character is not a gift, but a victory, and character is what God wants to dwell with Him eternally.
Joycey, In the link I have posted is the most comprehensive article I know of about vaccines. his chemist had a brother that really did react strongly to a vaccination. The mother contacted the doctor who blew off any concerns. the boy had 3 vaccinations of that vaccine and it left him mentally crippled because it caused brain hemprages. Still Jon Barron is NOT a voice against vaccines. The drug company failed to instruct the doctor concerning reactions.
Here may be the best unbiased report about vaccines out there.
Great insight, Nos Nevets.
I wish the President had to read this column.
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