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Guess again, DoctorRoy... How about 20 years?
Baloney, DoctorRoy. In your case it is a problem of you being a Democrat...perhaps worse than being a racist something else.
Probably not in many schools.
Howard Hughes became fanatically afraid of germs and holed up.
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Obama Losers

That's it?
That rappers and other"disparging" businesses are ok.
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Slavery Reparations

Is that the whole of the matter, Corbett?
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For the Children

Plus 2
Hear, hear...some things well said there.
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Who Owns You?

That may sound good to you and perhaps others on the first run through, but God owns me and I am very thankful for that.
Tins,, As well said by many, 'There is a gay agenda and it isn't satisfied with some freedom, but wants salutation from the rest of us...because down deep,there is guilt on their part. America is Sodom and will be judged as such. Don't think for a minute that this this is not harming others.
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