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Can Israel Survive?

"Why, for example, does the United Nations focus so much attention on Palestinians who fled Israel nearly 70 years ago but ignore Muslims who were forced out of India, or Jews who were ethnically cleansed from the cities of the Middle East...?" Why?....Because Satan hates Israel.
Darby, Remember the ghoulish war a few years ago between Iran and Iraq?
The main part is the first part, eric. Today"s militia is barracked in homes and .regulated by many laws and restrictions...You want more?
No. The intent is what matters when the curtain falls.
eric, Don'tcha see, One is a 'village' thing and the other is an individual thing? Surely you embrace the difference.
So, FMLC, "You find no fault with Rachel Maddow's sneers?
Well said Tins.
"which is why people who work hard, play by the rules and take care of themselves run from “free” offers like a deer who catches sight of Ted Nugent off in the distance" Amen.
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