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eric, I believe in a hell...the prison where the lost go until their trial at the Great Judgment. Then those judged unworthy of Life are cast into The Lake of Fire. This is everlasting, not everlasting punishing. The destruction is everlasting...not destructing. It is annilation I believe. In the fifth seal of the book of Revelation, we find Jews receiving Life for holding to the Word of God [that they knew]. I believe many of these are Holocaust people.
I think you under estimate her 'guile'.
Also too true, John. I believe that you see her pretty clearly.
Ak Mark, I do believe in true evangelism whether here or abroad. I do NOT believe in denominational prostelyzing. We have too many lukewarm Christians who have not surrendered to Christ...especially here in our country. I don't know about overseas. The following isn't only to you AK Mark, but to the world. We all were born in sin. Since we could not help that, there is grace offered to us. Even after receiving Christ as Saviour, and even if we go on to having God's indwelling Spirit within us sealing us until the day of redemption, we still have that Outer Man nature in our fleshly members. ...but we then have another Life within us and that is God's Life which cannot sin. This Inner Man nature now wars against the flesh. This is God's plan for us . We need it to be overcomers. Character isn't a gift but rather is a victory. Victory denotes a battle. God want character to live and reign with Him eternally.
I believe that some feel the call of the mission field to preach the gospel. That is well and good IF they are truly born of God's Spirit and seasoned. Others may want to go overseas to 'help'. This helping may come with a cost. Jesus said to first consider the cost... if we are able to finish. We really need to be led of the Spirit and then things will work together for good.
eric, I am challenging you now. Have you repented of your sins and accepted Jesus Christ as your Saviour? Have you then been baptized in the name of Jesus Christ?Have you then begun the process of sanctification and continued to the place of full surrender of ALL the rooms of your heart to the Lord? ...the rooms of worship, prayer, entertainment, giving of your substance, pride, and the 'secret sin room' ?
I believe that America has already been combed over with at least some of the gospel. There are places overseas that are more open to the Word of there is a place for travelers. When it comes to any mission work whether spiritual or material, those countries would perhaps be best served by their own trained and dedicated people.
I do believe that Ann has hit a nerve and I believe that there is a lot of truth in what she is saying. Young church groups like to go to Honduras and work on a church type of building. They feel good about it and there are good things to be said about it. Still, I feel it isn't always a clear gain. Perhaps some will come back ill and if not fortified, might bring back worse. I remember being scared as a boy about 'needing possibly to go to Africa to be a missionary."...very scary for a bashful boy and guilt inducing.
+10...if they will return back to their countries!
5thDegree, who are you accusing to be anti-Semite? Please use your fingers a bit more tp be clear.
We humans all are born with a fallen nature that is selfish, lustful, and fudging the truth. This is the outer flesh man. Now we have a choice to stay this way or we can repent of our sins and accept Jesus as our Savior. If we are born of God's Spirit, then we have another Life within us...God's Life. This Life does not sin. This is the inner man. Now there is a war between those two natures. I believe that is God's purpose to have this conflict...that we may be overcomers to build character. This character is what desires that we be fit to live and rule with Him eternally. Character is not a gift, but rather a victory.
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