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YOU take a moment to notice something Ann: NO incumbent Democrat has been acting like a conservative, hence-ergo-consequently, the Socialist/Democrat Base had no reason to kick their a*s to the curb...Capish? Democrats, to the man, vote lock-step for Socialism, while so-called D.C. "Republicans" support and assist them by helping them bankrupt the Treasury and destroy the Country.
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Is DWS Getting Fired?

waynesteapartyworld Wrote: Sep 18, 2014 9:27 AM
The fact that Wasserwoman can be appointed the chairman of anything in the Demoprog party, tells us all we need to know about that party of obnoxious adolescents.
Even so, the fact that a lifer even mouthed the words, is cause for encouragement :)
Wow, someone pick me up off the floor and give smelling-salts. A D.C. lifer proposes eliminating a bloated, unnecessary Federal bureaucracy. Next on the list, the IRS, anybody?
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Immigration Is American

waynesteapartyworld Wrote: Sep 17, 2014 2:21 AM
Here we go with the sleight-of-hand again, conflating 'illegal' with 'legal' immigration. Most conservatives aren't averse to the lying D.C. bloodsuckers passing legislation increasing the number of legal immigrants from Mexico above the current 40,000 per year(or whatever), and likewise for select other countries. What we ARE against, is providing blanket amnesty to illegal aliens currently here, without securing the Southern border, and thereby insuring that another gazillion meth and heroine runners, child-molesters, rapists and murderers flood into the country, mixed in with the non-violent illegal aliens, and continue destroying thousands of American citizens' lives, and bankrupting our social services, hospitals and schools. See, just because we need more commercial truck drivers, doesn't mean we need to legalize drunk driving.
I have a 'nugget' for Sen. RP to look into if he cares to.... A bird told me that there's tons(?) of uncontaminated Au contained inside of America's nuclear weapons. They're talking about burying it in Nevada along with the weapons, as they are decommissioned.
No such words were said, which provides still more evidence that clueless Demoprogs need to be forced to watch a Palin news channel. The person who broke the 'story' is the deranged Palin-hating Prog nutball, Amanda Coyne, and she's already walking back about half of the smelly garbage she spewed out on her blog initially.
Don't forget about the Notre Dame "Fighting Irish", mascot, which stereotypes the Irish as always drunk and getting into bar-fights.
That's also why we need to eliminate the IRS, zero out its budget, and install a flat sales tax like the 'Fair Tax'.
They're too late. Democrats have already blown up most of America's major cities. Detroit anyone?
The ugly truth is that they are male computer programming nerds. He's gonna get quite a surprise if he hasn't already.
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