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Amazon Throwing the Book at Publishers

Wayne410 Wrote: Jun 12, 2014 6:41 AM
So lemme see if I got this right. Amazon is supposed to sell any book that anyone publishes at any price the publisher wants? That's absurd... and cannot possibly be consistent with conservative principles. Yes, books are different than other merchandise in that they are protected by the 1st Amendment but no where in the Constitution is any merchant required to distribute other people's speech. This is Walmart all over again. Amazon is the villian now because this publisher can't survive at prices for which Amazon is willing to sell his books? Sounds like the publisher needs to rethink his business model and adjust accordingly if he wants to stay in business. Lastly, Amazon doesn't "control" 40% of book sales. We, the buyers, decide from whom we will buy and what price we are willing to pay. If 40% of the market buys from Amazon then that validates Amazon's business model.
Where are your principles? What happened to scrupples?? Starbucks is a left-leaning supporter of abortion, the global warming hoax, etc. If the left gets some sort of glee out of boycotting one of their own then let them. The more left wing business owners get driven out of business the better. This is a fight between left vs left, let them duke it out. Starbucks is NOT supporting gun rights by just following the local laws, they are just acceeding to the wishes of the local community. If their left-wing nutjob companions have a problem with that then so be it. Some of you make it sound like Starbucks actually supports gun rights and that is not the case. Promoting them, even for just this one Saturday is the same as being a single issue voter. It's the same as being a welfare recipient who only votes for the dems that give him freebies. You people claim to be conservatives... act like it.
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Government's War

Wayne410 Wrote: Jun 19, 2013 12:25 PM
How droll... do you libertarians think about anything besides legalizing drugs?!?! The very first line of the article says, "... I can't get my mind off the thousand other ways politicians abuse us" and yet the entire article is about drugs and not a single word anywhere about the "thousands" of ways we are abused by our own politicians. You libertarians out there who have something to say about anything other than legalizing drugs may need to start your own political party as it seems the mainstream libertarian's limited vocabulary excludes all issues other than weed. I thought better of Mr Stossel... guess I was wrong.
Medved, you can't really be that stupid! The issue is not now nor has it ever been about gun control. It's about the slow and gradual encroachment on the rights of the people by progressive idealogues who want to control the masses... for our own good of course. Statists and progressives are all about patience and baby steps. They know that people in general will give little bits of their freedom at a time for the promise of better security and a safer country. The problem is security and safety don't get better yet the onerous loss of freedom just escalates to the next step. Open your eyes, Meded, or go to work for MSNBC.
Finally, somebody who understands procreation! Biologists for the last century or so have been telling us that a fetus goes through stages such as the fish stage, then reptile stage, etc., and yet there has never been any creature ever born of a human woman other than a human child. From the moment of conception that tiny life could never develop into anything other than human. That 50+ million of them have been murdered in the name of convenience is an outrageously damning indictment of the moral fabric of our society today. Worse yet is that the next 40 years may see twice that many murdered. How can any nation say, "In God We Trust" and murder babies?
How silly can you get?!?! The strong belief of a minority of females turned the vast majority of women against the GOP?? That's just ludicrous on the face of it. Women are people too and people in general don't ever expect to be victims, either of rape or murder. Whether a woman should be allowed to abort a rapists child was totally irrelevant to the election. What was relevant was the scaremongering amoung a few liberal progressives who not only preached thier message louder and longer than other groups but actually dove into the process and actively recruited votes. Conservatives can learn a lot about political activism from liberals.
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On Obamacare (and Guns), We Won't Comply

Wayne410 Wrote: Dec 30, 2012 5:06 AM
You are absolutely right but haven't gone far enough in your resoming. John is just soooo wrong about Americans because he doesn't know who the "Americans" are today. Today we have a totally different electorate than ever before. Every generation since WWII has wanted more and more and given less and less to the point now that the majority of voters have no 'skin in the game' and they are not going to vote against their own interest to elect politicians who would reduce the 'freebies' they receive. We are in a downward spiral that seems unstoppable. The scary part is that having been the nation with the greatest freedom and liberty in history we will likely end up being the most oppressed before it's all over.
waitwaitwait... are you out of your mind? Boehner a conservative?!?! What country did you grow up in? Boehner is first and foremost just another political animal no different than any leftist lib in Congress. His greatest concern is his political career. How do you label a man a conservative when he's literally cleaning house by sweeping conservatives out of committees and panels? Boehner is just another noodle spined pretender who continually fails to display conservatism. The battle is no longer liberalism vs conservatism, it's good vs evil and evil is winning left and "right".
You're an idiot, Carl. You want to discredit religion as an influence for civil society while ignoring that crime, child abuse, perversity and all manner of inhumanity have always increased in any society that turns it's back on God. The problem in Mexico is not about the people's level of religiosity but the corruption that has invaded their political system from top to bottom. Further, your assertion that Mexicans are inherently violent is just plain racist. I'm not surprised though, it's you godless liberal types that have always been the true racists while pointing fongers at others.
Mechanisms are already in place to restrict our 2nd Amendment rights. To legally purchase a gun now requires a simple background check and approval by the ATF (Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms). All King Obama needs to do is to instruct the ATF to make no more approvals. No legislative action required at all. This wouldn't stop all gun sales but would certainly stop a huge majority of them. Next will come a monstrous tax on ammunition, likely through Obamacare using the silly idea that ammunition when it is fired hurts people and therefore the healthcare system must bear the cost. Obama has shown more than once he doesn't require Congress to achieve his aims.
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