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Voter suppression= a democRat lost How could anyone listen to this moron and believe anything she says???
This is as it should be; the government afraid of it's citizens instead of the other way around. Keep turning the tide and America will come back quickly. BTW, have you noticed how quickly our roads and buildings are going down; it looks like the old Soviet Union in some places. More jobs would cure that.
Hey democRats: the problem is your attempts at suppressing our inalienable rights; if you don't know what inalienable means, look it up. Big dummies!
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Barbara Boxer Wants a $10 Minimum Wage

Wayne387 Wrote: Aug 28, 2013 9:50 AM
I say if Boxer wants $10 per hour, we should give it to HER salary!
These gangs are starting up in the city near me. One person shot dead, two beaten already. Same deal; a gang of teens "just having fun". They will need to change their definition of fun or someone will get tired of their "fun". And then it will be on b/c who's side do you think the national media will be on?
Impeachment by the House would be futile; someone tell me how it ever comes up in the Senate with the sleazy Reid in charge? And with the news media in the democRats pocket, all we would hear is how stupid those Republicans are. The media should be VOTEC out next election along with ALL democRats that helped this administration.
They never wanted "equality"; they just want revenge.
I thought this when I passed a tent set up by people hired with our tax money giving away "FREE PHONES" yesterday. There will be one coming to your neighborhood. After all, the people the democRats have duped into voting for them need a way to spread the word.
Voting for democRats must be an addiction; it makes sense NO other way.
I agree, MR. But at least they're not evil like the commie, socialist, marxist, America-killing democRats.
Like getting a "thank you" letter from the devil. Not something to be proud of.
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