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Once again, no visit to the troops for Thanksgiving. No time for that I guess?
It's ironic; a democRat said it best: Rep. Eliot Engel; the word "squishy" describes 0bama to a T.
Not many people know that; congratulations. She is the reason 0bama CAN play so much golf.
He doesn't care about polls: he has America in the death throes now.
Yeah! They should drop "Washington" for being offensive to the American people.
I hope everyone remembers what a liberal-run federal government looks like. Of course, there will still be those force-fed college kids taught to despise capitalism to deal with.
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Pelosi Says Obama Has Been "Brilliant"

Wayne387 Wrote: Sep 22, 2013 2:36 PM
Considering her level of intelligence; I can see why she thinks that.
But 0bama just said today that since the ACA was passed, medical costs have slowed in their increase; do you think he was lying?? LOL
You tell 'em Gene. Rock on!
Voter suppression= a democRat lost How could anyone listen to this moron and believe anything she says???
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