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Brutal: CNN Torches DWS on Medicare Falsehoods

Wayne387 Wrote: Aug 14, 2012 8:32 AM
I believe we will see more of this as the election approaches. You can call it CYA but whatever it is it's more fun than I've had watching CNN in years. Some, like Blitzer, see the handwriting on the wall and are adjusting accordingly. Others' like Matthews, Maddow, O'Donnell, etc. will continue to listen to the tune of the Pied Piper and, HOPEFULLY, fall into the sea.

Let me say this right up front: Congratulations to Wolf Blitzer for being a relentless, responsible journalist. If you value the truth, this interview is a pleasure to watch.  If you have even an ounce of human compassion for the in-over-her-head target of Blitzer's inquisition, it's positively brutal:

Poor Debbie.  She's totally out-gunned and has nowhere to hide.  Her talking points are pitifully hollow and cannot withstand even basic questioning.  She stubbornly rejects the (correct) premise that the Romney/Ryan Medicare reform plan exempts everyone...