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We Reap What We Sow

Wayne371 Wrote: Nov 08, 2012 10:59 AM
I agree that the kids are the future, and they need to be educated, BUT, we need to concentrate on the Black People of America even more. They have proven themselves to be willing to vote for Satan himself if his skin color is Black and the opposition party skin color is Not-Black. Somehow these people have in general lost their value systems and ethics. As long as they are given Whitey as an excuse for their own dismal failures, then they will never rise up from their own depths of despair. Start teaching personal responsibility and values instead of giving them an excuse. If they think an Obama Phone and Gov't handouts resulting in money in their bank accounts is the best in life, they will always be lost souls.
pablostcruz Wrote: Nov 08, 2012 2:48 PM
The above message is why people don't like the Republican party. This is the trash that Rush spews. Women didn't vote for Mitt because all they care about are their "Female Parts". Lation's don't vote for the Pubs because they are all illegal and like Santa Claus giving hem free-bees from the government.

Get real.
a Concerned American Wrote: Nov 08, 2012 9:48 PM
That a majority of women voted for Obama sadly feeds into the stereotypes of them only caring about their "lady parts." In past years, they have often cited the most inane reasons for voting for a candidate (such as with JFK in 1960). And the reason why people don't like the Republican Party is that Republican and "conservative" are NOT mutually exclusive with one another. In fact, the GOP establishment was AGAINST Reagan and fought him every step of the way (notably in 1968 and 1976). The GOP is largely comprised of RINO wimps and quislings like John "Bonehead" Boehner who has once again showed what a compromising sellout he is. And I see you have no problem whatsoever with this sick entitlement culture.

So, guess what? I'm disappointed, along with the other 57 million people who voted for Mitt Romney. Even still, disappointment and failure is never an excuse for any of us to give up. From that first big slug in my gut after my husband was killed in 2001 until this day, the one thing that has kept me grounded is my faith in God and the knowledge that things will get better over time.

Mindboggling is the word that comes to mind when I swallow the fact that a majority -- almost 60 million people -- voted to affirm...

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