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The Third and FINAL Debate: Romney Won

Wayne371 Wrote: Oct 24, 2012 10:44 AM
There was a Roman saying that went, "If you want Peace, Prepare for War". That is what Romney does. A strong America will least likely need to go to war. A weak or weak kneed America will be challenged over and over again.

The foreign policy debate was not given much chance of being a game changer. No one really thought that a talk about the future of US-Myanmar relations was going to move the needle very much.

Incumbent Presidents are expected to know more about foreign policy than their challengers, but the challengers' … challenge is to show that if they get the daily security briefing in the Oval Office they can handle the job.

If that is a fair measure, then Mitt Romney won this debate. He exhibited a broad knowledge of the issues confronting America's...

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