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Lockett & Load

Wayne371 Wrote: May 13, 2014 10:15 AM
When punishment is swiftly meted out by a just authority, it deters the furtherance of such crime by both the perp. and his peers. Much of psychology agrees with that concept. Argue what is fair punishment with the same level of compassion that the perpetrator has ahown to his victim.
Quoting Patricio Gonzalez, the CEO of the Planned Parenthood of Hidalgo County, “They’ve destroyed the infrastructure we had here for healthcare, to cut out the family planning funds was a very cruel thing to do.” I think Patricia is blind to the truth. For a compassionate person, the absolute definition of cruelty is this: Grabbing the limbs of a child in the warmth and safety of the nurturing womb to tear them apart piece by piece in order to rid the mother of a child she did not "plan for". That is CRUEL! Killing children is the ugly, cruel business of Planned Parenthood. The truth is not something that Patricia of her progressive socialists at PP are familiar with.
People like you will likely receive what you ask be done to others.
A (Supposedly Honorable) US Democrat-Socialist Senator offers to waterboard one of our Great Republican Statesmen. On the other hand this same US Democrat-Socialist Senator suggests it is too tortuous to do the same thing to terrorists who are intent on killing American Men, Women and Children. What is Wrong with that picture? Sounds like a traitor to me. What is the penalty for that? Nothing in The Great Obies' new America.
IF the Republicans take the Senate he defects to the Republican side? Isn't that just the way a lying, deceiving, socialist, democrat acts? They are hypocrites, It is part of their DNA. Do or say one thing, act as another. I do not believe his intent is to change his heart and mind to that of a conservative republican. He will just become a more perfect liar by being a more deceptive democrat in republican clothing! Tell him to stay put, he won elections as a lying, deceiving Democrat let him live true to his beliefs as a lying deceiving Democrat.
Obie will not hold anyone "responsible or accountable". As we all know, Obie lies whenever he puts more than five words together in a string. He is the product of lies and deceit and it is his nature to lie even when the truth is obvious to everyone who listens to his lies. Eric Holder is just another one of Obies' slaves on the plantation. Holder does the bidding of his master and that will always include lies and deceit to fulfill his masters bidding, so Holder will not prosecute. Lois Lerner was just doing the bidding of her master too, another liar and deceiver. She will be exonerated and given an award by Obie and Pals for having to put up with the torture of hearing truth spoken clearly to her face (they will call it unjust accusations by partisan groups).
The poster in the headline picture "Sex is beautiful, reproduction is optional" pretty much encapsulates the foolishness of these people. It should read, "Sex for lust produces death, sex in love produces life" God intended it for good. Man accepts God's plan and it is good, or Man plays God and makes it sinful.
Debbie Wasserman Schultz is barren of honest, critical thinking. That is a large part of the problem with most Liberals in general. They are given the order to clear a path for dear leader to do his destruction, so they go out and say any twisted convoluted story that would make sense to a non-thinker (their constituents) who will blindly follow their path. Then they call everyone else with an opposition view a bunch of liars or racists, or bigots, or homophobes. Anything they can say to put the opposition on defense is what they will use no matter how incorrect or inaccurate it is. The truth annihilates their position statements, but you can't get through the noise of their accusations. That is their tactic and that is how bent their minds are.
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Screw You, Mickey Kaus

Wayne371 Wrote: Mar 28, 2014 9:53 AM
When given two options, either deadly poison or a two week flu, I would take the flu too!
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