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It is interesting that his pitch to this group (presumably wealthy lawyers) is based on fighting tort reform. Cleaning up our tort laws would free the country from tens of billions in waste. Getting rid of those who block the reform would be one of the best things voters could do for the economy.
"The President has to live by the law as well". Quite obviously, he does not if he is never held to account.
The effect of rough versus smooth walls on boundary layer flow has been known for many decades. However, that result is applicable to hydrodynamically smooth surfaces. Apparently the people proposing this have never spent time around actual boats and are unaware of things like barnacles and seaweed ('marine growth') that attaches to the hulls of ships that are not regularly and thoroughly cleaned (and cargo ships are certainly not regularly hauled and cleaned). The idea is idiotic.
"They claim that actions taken by the Senate Democrats was necessary in order to return the Senate back into a functioning body." Right. A 'functioning body' that was not able to pass a budget, one of their most fundamental duties, for over four years. A budget was not even presented for a vote, so the filibuster issue was irrelevant
"I hope Reid has enjoyed the show." I'm sure he did since he now has a bill moving forward that is essentially what he wanted all along and gets to look like a strong, capable, and moderate leader instead of the whiny, hyper-partisan twit that he would have had the House passed a bill and sent it to the Senate (where Reid would not have let it come to the floor).
Sorry Suzie - didn't realize you were just a tool.
This is silly. If the enforcement has been so effective, why do we now have 11 million (low estimate) criminal aliens ('illegal immigrants' being out of favor this week)? Continuing at the rate of success that is being touted here will likely produce 30 million in another two decades.
She needs to understand the meaning of the 13th amendment to the Constitution. The problem with 'positive rights' as the President has termed health care is that if you have a right to it, it requires someone else to work to provide it to you.
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12 Liberal Pledges for the New Year

Wayne334 Wrote: Dec 31, 2012 12:50 PM
Regarding item #4, it is what you do after going through the TSA scanners that is potentially injurious to your health. Spending a few hours at 35,000 feet exposes you to far, far more radiation than the scanners. If it is the health aspects that concern you, just don't get into an airplane.
How do we get to the position where a person is known to be both in the country illegally and convicted of a sex crime (why else was he a "registered sex offender") without having ejected him from the country already? If a U.S. Senator can't find out if a person is here illegally (ever hear of E-Verify?), how can employers be expected to find out?
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