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Incest and Pedophilia, the New Frontier

Wayne331 Wrote: Sep 14, 2012 10:42 AM
Where's the "like" button?
You're a little devoid of sense. I think perhaps you shouldn't be carrying a gun.
Very good. Yes, I've heard this referred to as "emotional blackmail".
I've heard this too that a woman is less likely to conceive as a result of a rape due to the physical and emotional stress, but it does happen. I think all he was trying to say by "legitimate rape" is whether it was an actual forcible rape. Are there such things as illegitimate rapes, i.e. false accusations, I think there are. "Simply to sulk and make her life miserable for days should she refuse to have sex", gee, so if my wife wants to do something and I don't want to and I consent to it merely because I fear she might sulk and shut me down on sex for a few weeks is that reverse rape?
Since Pluto was the god of the underworld -- I find that rather appropriate.
You judge politicians by what they do, not by what they say! This is how Obama got away with “Hope & Change”, because he never defined it and all the Libs plugged in their own values and swooned over how Der Fuhrer tugged at their heart strings. BTW, that quote is by the psychotic Nancy Pelosis, who thankfully is no longer wielding the gavel!
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A Censored Race War?

Wayne331 Wrote: May 15, 2012 8:51 AM
Nothing more refreshing then a black conservative that stands up for justice! We all need to take members of our racial groups to task for the evil that they do. Then we will have a truly colorblind society, because justice is from God and He's impartial!!
He continues to trash all our Constitutional structures, including the Supreme Court. Liberals have no room to whine, when they've used a single liberal judge to overturn the electoral mandate of millions of people in California, time and time again! I am surprised with his hand-picked Justices, Kagin and Sotomayor that he can't get this pushed through. There may be some vestige of freedom afterall.
Interesting assertion Rev. Manning. Besides the devil, who's pulling the strings to have these presidents and assassins murdered? I always thought it strange that we have elevated the presidency to the office of Pope, since he is allowed to forgive people their sins and offer clemency (presidential pardon). Of course only Jesus offered proof of his authority to forgive sins by healing the paralytic (Matt 9:6)! It stands to reason if you are able to forgive others their sins, then you must necessarily be above reproach yourself and so no charge can be brought against you!! Of course knowing all men are sinners we can see that the above system is open to corruption since the president can pardon all his political cronies.
Good defense job Joel! You stood your ground and didn't let the liberal talking heads get you distracted or confused!
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