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Equality of outcomes won't just stop here. There is even rules under Obamacare that apply these same principles to the education and licensing of Doctors and Nurses and other "qualified" health workers ... so you can be secure when that minority "licensed" health worker is cutting your chest open to repair your heart, doing the C-section on your wife with your first child, or trying to find the damaged blood vessels that are spurting your life's blood away in the ER that you got taken care of someone whose hiring was based upon the equality of his racial group verses his or her actual competence. Now ... how do you feel about flying on airplanes built by "racially equalized" engineers and technicians?
People, you forget something: that bureaucrat working across that counter or behind that desk processing your info and seeing all the people's data does NOT work for you. He or she works for the SEIU or AFSME - their loyalty lies with Obama, Jarrett, Reid, Pelosi, etc. The list of those permits has probably already been downloaded and hand delivered to Homeland Security. I know for a fact that already happened in Missouri and I've heard rumors its happened elsewhere.
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Worst Idea Ever

wayne292 Wrote: May 07, 2012 1:41 PM
What you don't realize is that the NYT sees Chavez as having succeeded. Except for the enlightened elites who run things, pretty much the entire country is dirt poor. This is equality. This is fairness. Everyone is EQUALLY MISERABLE. Pretty soon the population will start to plummet as people starve and children die soon after they are born (or birthing them kills both mother AND child and multiplies the effect as then she won't be having any more kids and she stops consuming resources). Almost no one in one of the most oil rich countries on earth can use oil as few can afford it - so Venezuela isn't causing global warming. Everyone equally miserable save the elites and no global warming = UTOPIA.
20 ... you are kidding, right? Types of Fracking have been going on for more than 50 years. This is not a new process. It wasn't a new process back in 1985 when I was working the oil-fields outside of Wichita Falls, TX - and it was being done all over PLUS most of the old fields out there were also using injection - flooding of chemicals and/or salt water to push out the remaining oil.
Why joke about it? San Francisco getting obliterated for its collective sins by an act of God in manner reminiscent and in proportion to its efforts to duplicate Sodom and Gomorrah writ large would be one of the clearest cases of divine justice I can think of.
Useless bag of meat needs to be retired RIGHT NOW ... without pay.
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