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Selling Sex (Allegations)

Wayne251 Wrote: Dec 15, 2014 8:34 AM
Why would anyone writing any credible book try to make you believe your political party has anything to do with what violent crime you committed? Raping people of money, rights, and liberty is democratic thing. And getting away with it is something only a Democrat President can do.
"Once upon a time, the liberal position was to reject the old discriminatory branding of people by the color of their skins rather than by the content of their characters." The opening statement is categorically incorrect. The Liberals are the ones who opposed the civil rights act. They are the ones who senators were prominent leaders in the KKK. The only support they offer to minorities is support that keeps them on welfare so they cannot compete with the liberal elite. Liberals think minorities cannot think for themselves and create the political stance they believe a minority group should have regardless of reality. They use discriminatory branding to label anyone who disagrees with them as racist. The opening statement, if made in tongue in cheek, would then be correct.
Though liberals like to claim Jefferson as someone like them, they prove every time they make such a claim about Jefferson how much they 1. don't know about Jefferson or 2. Will willingly lie because they know other liberals won't look anything up. Jefferson was one of the biggest anti-big-government guys of his times. Many of your quotes presented represent this. He would also loathe that people twisted his words to prevent religion everywhere and to do things like remove Bibles from Navy Lodges. In fact, Jefferson made the capital the biggest church in his days. He allowed all denominations to use the capital for church services. What would the atheists do today if the President did such a thing? They wouldn't call him liberal.
Wow, that's the fastest proving of self lunacy I've seen. Very good.
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Navy Removes Bibles From Guest Rooms

Wayne251 Wrote: Aug 12, 2014 7:12 AM
Being Christian has nothing to do with being conservative or liberal. That fact that Atheists all identify themselves as liberals is just the way it is. Being Atheists means hating the fact the the Constitution is completely based on Christian ethics and hating the fact that excluding donated bibles from the Navy Lodge has no Constitutional basis other than that invented by Atheists. I retired from the Navy after 23 years of service and I am shocked they would give in to such a small minority of ethics hating atheists. The Constitution I defended does not even come close to requiring this.
I have wondered for a long time why Americans accept throwing money to illegal aliens while effectively killing the American veterans. This should be major, and ongoing story in the lame stream media. Sadly, there is not a peep. I am embarrassed that Americans would "care" more about people that knowingly planned and executed illegal entry into this country than they do about the abysmal treatment given to veterans who were born here, and risked their lives for each and every American. Shame on every state giving precedence to the foreign criminals.
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The War Against Achievement

Wayne251 Wrote: Nov 19, 2013 7:19 AM
Stalin, Lenin, Hitler, etc, could not have stated this better. Unfortunately, the facts show nothing above is true. Because the government passed a law does not mean it was not being done in the private sector. In fact, for almost all cases where such great claims of government dependency saving the day, the laws passed came into effect after the private sector had already made big changes that actually caused the improvements. LP, you have a government post waiting for you in Cuba and North Korea.
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