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Not So Fast There, Mr. Obama

Wayne0volcano Wrote: Apr 25, 2012 2:28 PM
Thank you David. Mr.Obama you are the leader of the Democratic Party, they control the Senate, we're now up to 1091 days without a budget which is required by law. Your budget was voted 419-0 and Paul Ryan's budget was voted 228-191. Why? Why are Democrats voting for Ryan's plan and no one voted for yours? Maybe because The Congressional Budget Office says your budget will not rein in our deficits.

You told some newspapers editors last week that if Ronald Reagan were running for president today "he could not get through the Republican primary."

I know what you were up to. You were trying to enlist Ronald Reagan in your tireless effort to get the GOP's presidential candidates to violate their principles. You want them to defect to your side and come out in favor of raising taxes to reduce the record budget deficits you've created for our grandchildren with your reckless spending.

You were hoping to make Romney and company look like conservative fanatics who'd never do what my father...