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Steve, please explain how you would "add context" to a comment? It's either there or it's not. NY Times, that old rag, removed Bundy's statement from its context and you swallowed it -- as did a lot of other people. That's hogwash, not journalism.
Steve (above) calls Bundy's comments "ignorant and bigoted". Well are you not ignorant and bigoted, Steve, not to consider those remarks in their full context, or are you so blinded by your hatred that you can't even think straight? Wouldn't you like statements you make to be taken in their true context? For crying out loud, Bundy doesn't praise slavery; he condemns modern-day political policies on the left that perpetuate slavery to the State.
Please, Jeb, don't even think about it. .
What! This cannot be. Use yer head. Eric Holder said there is NO -- Repeat NO -- evidence of voter fraud. And Dear Leader says, "Debate over!"
Huckabee's last line on the video; "But again as the President reminded us yesterday, 'There's no voter fraud.' " Hey, I'll be the prez was using some of that irony; that over-the-top hyperbole to to make the real point, eh? Mark it down. When BO or Eric Holder say there's no voter fraud -- THERE'S VOTER FRAUD COMING OUT THEIR EARS!
Hey, you two pinheads ;] stop acting like the Lone Ranger. Tonto and most everybody else understand this. Don't be so naive, most of us here have our heads on straight, not just you and capt. call.
But to think; RARE.
No, he did not say that. Please learn to read and think. He said, quoting from the article, that he is "beginning to think there's more freedom in North Korea sometimes than in the United States." It is an obvious figure of speech, and as somebody stated above, an "over the top" statement for effect. Now if you want to be fair (and I know you wouldn't want to do that; I know your type.) remember some of the things BO and the first lady have said about our country and without any -- or much -- repercussions from the left. You are the nut.
Is this an example of Townhall's new comments policy?
How about 23 years since Reagan?
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