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Bumps (and Potholes) in the Road

wavettore Wrote: Sep 28, 2012 12:46 AM
Is Iran the excuse? Or a cybernetic attack? Time for Awakening Since 9/11 it's the War on Terror One "false flag" attack so called by error Blair, Bush, and Israel had a Pact in store Their next surprise is knocking at your door A hidden vile Idea from those who want "more" will use you and your Belief for the next World War As "chosen people" gain while Humankind loses Greed wins not by the swords but by the words of Moses Daring is to tell you when, better then to tell you rhymes could not side with either one to get ready for our times to look beyond and past today to seek for a solution one only hope is there for you and spells Wavevolution
Dan107 Wrote: Sep 28, 2012 8:37 AM

Stop, wave, my ears are bleeding...!
Forcing rhyme is the mark of the talentless...
This is the week of Yom Kippur, when Jews reflect on the year just past and look forward to the new one, in hopes of being entered in the Book of Life. The shofar, or ram's horn, is a plaintive cry from the heart, marking natural events of birth, death and renewal. The Jewish new year is a holiday celebrated with solemnity, of repentance for the past and a step into the future and its fresh possibilities.

The cry of the shofar is often described as a wake-up call to remind us that we bear responsibility for what we do...