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Is anyone surprised, this is obozo the Butcher of Bengazi's plan all along....he could care less about the people, that pathological vermin WANTS to destroy America and the only people who don't see it is the demo-faggots and the dumbed down drones who couldn't find their city on a map---about 300 million. You voted for this vermin and continue to elect the same dog meat over and over....YOU ARE NOW GETTING WHAT YOU DESERVE. It is very sad, but also very entertaining to watch from afar...I live in a country that is very well governed and retired so the damage you do to yourself and the rest of the globe affects me is actually good fun. YOU REAP WHAT YOU SOW.
obozo the Butcher of Bengazi is as close to a Hitler as any leader EVER.....
who cares what obozo the Butcher of Bengazi says anyway....he is a turd that any sane informed person would not even listen to, just cuz he is the president still means he has to earn respect....and how can anyone respect a pathological lying vermin who is hell bent on destroying America.
To bad that 300 million moronic drones would actually believe him....this is why America is so far gone it is not worth saving.
This is what you get when you elect a disgusting, slimy vermin for a president....bonherer should tell that disgusting piece of human garbage to whistle...he is nothing but a porch monkey who should be impeached, tried and hung in the public square....I have never in my fifty years seen such a vermin elected anywhere...this vermin is abginaabad on steroids....the best example I can think of is edie amin of uganda....he is the spawn of the devil....
kool aid drinking, un informed and your ilk are the problem with America.
what an idiot, do you really think you have FREE markets...hahahahahaha....your whole system is corrupt with the fed raping the drones and making the corps richer....and the population is so dumbed down they go to slaughter with their free fones.....sounds like nazi germany and the jews...only more covertly.
when you live in a police state this is the result......they have more freedoms and less police on the streets in China....think about.....
Your cesspool is gonna go up in flames....knowing what snivelling, slimy cowards that demo=faggots are they would get slaughtered...which is a good thing, they have systematically destroyed your country by turning it into the sewer it is thing that could happen is a revolution so as to eliminate the demo-faggots so you can go back to a CONSTITUTIONAL REPUBLIC...that is what made you great....not the welfare sewer of obama the Butcher of Bengazi, reid and that incompetent slimt, disgusting vermin piglosi..... who should all be swinging from trees for what they have done to your wonderful country.
why are you americans so ignorant of your own country...America is a REPUBLIC not a democracy.....the word democracy is not found ANYWHERE in your constitution....the founding fathers dispised democracy as much as the hated communism....when you have a democracy you wind up with the cesspool that you call a country now.....but when you dumb down a population so badly that the majority cannot even find their own state on a map....go figure
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John Kerry Slandered an American Hero

watson199 Wrote: Dec 22, 2012 2:55 AM
kerry is nothing but a tax dodging, obama blowing bi-sexual who had to marry money cuz he was to useless to make his own....he is just as big a lying sack of dung as that pathological lying piece of human excrement obozo the Butcher of Bengazi.....
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