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Carter is and was a nut job as a leader! He has created more problems than what he has solved! Fortunately, Carter is no longer our worst President, but during his time as president he did his best to wreck the country!
Save your time and money, voting for Obama multiple times is no longer a crime! Obama gets to pick and choose the laws he wants and ignore's the others. This is normal voting procedure for voting democrat!
Don't fall for the socialist agenda of the eco-freaks! Stop voting democrat!
No! America will not wake-up to Socialism until all the free stuff runs out! Then the riots would begin and those looking for free stuff and free money will move into the neighborhoods where working people live and try to take it from them! This is where the Second Amendment comes into play, to defend one's life and property!
Hillary was in charge of the State Department! It was her responsibility to protect them. It was her job! She screwed up, big time! In the end, all the Democrats pointed fingers at the other guy and said it was their fault! Some, if not all are lying to cover their back sides, nothing more! After all, as someone once said " What difference does it make", actually it makes a big difference to the families who lost their loved ones! That's the difference!
Her gun control ban will have no effect on crime! It is to control people and make them more dependent on big government!
Wasn't it, according to Ted Kennedy, that if we, the government passed the "path to citizenship" back in '86 that there would never be a need to do it again? Democrats telling lie after lie after lie and some people still want to believe them! Therefore, according to the head democrat of the time, there should be no reason to do it now either! The only reason the democrats are pushing Illegal Aliens to become citizens is so they will be able to vote democrat in the next election, thereby making it a slam-dunk win for the democrats! There should be a non voting period of time for Illegals to vote in our elections, say about 20 years!
Probably because the majority of voters never served in combat!
Actually gun bans and control excludes all of the trendy, rich and famous and the special people in government! As for Bloomie's team, not gonna happen!
Rand Paul would make a good replacement for Obama next time around if the country is still standing!
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Changing the Guard

Watchingtheaction Wrote: Jan 26, 2013 2:04 PM
Neither Hillary or any of the other Trolls in charge of the State Department will never be responsible and none will ever pay any price for their negligence! They will all be back at work on Monday! They subscribe to the Obama concept of accountability, deny responsibility!
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