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Its good to know that the minimum wage effort is more important that whats going on in the Ukraine! Obama seems to be lost in whats important at the moment!
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Obama Must Go

Watchingtheaction Wrote: Mar 03, 2014 4:41 PM
How did it happen? Voters who were promised free stuff, low information voters, absolutely zero information voters, Socialists, many Independent Democrat voters and those who wanted to make a statement showing how Liberal they were!
Smile all you want, you own Obamacare and we will thank you for it later!
Obamacare is an Obamatax! If anything, the Affordable Care Act should have been called the Unaffordable Care Act! Obamacare, UCA, is comprised of more than twenty new taxes that no one wanted or needed. Vote the Democrats out!
What does the NSA have on Boehner?
Obama's fix is to give his Democrat Trolls political cover until after the 2014 elections! That is also why the employer mandate was put off until after the 2014 elections! This administration is just too corrupt to be in charge of anything of value!
I'm just so shocked, a lying Democrat!
Don't fall for the Democrat lie! The guy is a Bloomberg Troll!
Dingy Harry is protected by the democrat voters in Vegas!
Unfortunately the Senate Democrats are not going to bow to the will of the people either!
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