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School Union Apologists Vow to Stop ‘Privet’ Education

Waski_the_Squirrel Wrote: Oct 19, 2012 7:36 PM
While the comments are certainly amusing in their grammatical creativity, citing poor grammar or incoherent thought really does not express the weakness of one side or the other. There are similar comments here on Townhall and even on EAGnews' own site written by the other side. They mean nothing. This article quotes these teachers as cover for shilling the website. I don't mind them shilling their website, but I wish there had been some actual content in the article. At the very least, Mr. Olson could have found some new union outrage. Or he could have actually reported on action attempts by unions to stop "privet" schools. His own website has an example of unions trying to stop virtual schooling in Maine. Content would be great!

As EAGnews continues to gain prominence, our efforts are becoming more noticed by left-wing radicals and other wierdos who despise what we stand for.

And those fine folks have not been shy about sharing their views of our organization and work, particularly on our Facebook page.

“Yeah UNIONS are armed again and we will fight you greedy pigs till the end. Save Wisconsin teachers stop privet education,” Kirk Nutt wrote, apparently making reference to a union-driven lawsuit that has temporarily sidelined Act 10, Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker’s sweeping education reform package.

And he wants to stop “privet” education? Perhaps...