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The Troubles with Common Core

Waski_the_Squirrel Wrote: Apr 21, 2014 8:30 PM
The right-wing Fordham Foundation has been studying standards for years. Recently, they compared the Common Core standards to those of the states. In two cases, states had better language arts standards. For mathematics and language arts, the rest of the states were equivalent or inferior to the Common Core standards. What I found most useful about the Foundation's work was the detail that showed exactly what was good and bad about each state's standards. In general, I haven't found specific critiques of the content of the standards. I've read critiques of their origins, critiques of a supposed political agenda, and suggested links to the Obama administration. Critiques of the actual content of the standards seem to be missing. When I hear that Common Core will dumb down students or teach them to be socialists, I have to ask where that is located in the standards?
I always used to say that I would get cable when I could choose what to watch and when to watch it. I moved out on my own in 1999, and haven't had cable since. Somewhere during that period of time, I got the internet. After I got off dialup and onto high speed internet, I discovered several online services that allow me to choose when to watch and what to watch. And now I know I don't need cable. Mr. Versace is right. This is the convenience that I've had for years with my books. I read when and what I want. I like having that option with video. However, I am sorry I got rid of my TV. But, maybe the vintage 1970's TV that I was given when I started living on my own wouldn't work with any of the new technology? The laptop screen is working for now, but over the past two years, I have been considering more and more that I may want a small TV. Not something I would have expected.
Really? Which standard in the Common Core "perverts the classroom into some sort of laboratory for testing the effects of politically correct thought on children?" I must have missed that standard.
There was no reason for the cheap shot against the Common Core tossed in without context and without explanation. I think the author would have done better to focus on the topic: transgender teachers. The only thing I would come down to is the law. Feelings are one thing, but what does the law in that particular state say about transgender teachers? The law is what the school has to follow. And, I'll admit that I don't know the law in that particular state.
One thing I have never liked about the conservative side is the way so many seem to want to pull out of "tainted" fields instead of staying in them and fighting. Too many liberals in movies? Pull out. Boycott. Too many liberals in education? Homeschool. Don't become a teacher. Teachers are all the enemy. Fashion? Nope. That's only for a certain sort of person.
I wonder which standards she actually objects to.
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