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Another Made Up Mandate on Energy that Doesn't Exist

Just more of 'Shutting down America' to suit the liberal left and Obama's administration of 'Fairness'. Since the Arabs live in dirt huts, so should Americans. Attacking the crazy regulations Obama's EPA is spewing out is not the answer. Attacking the EPA for un-Constitutionally trying to 'legislate' through regulation is. 'We, the people', must make a stand or our nation will fail to exist under Obama's tyranny. I see hundreds of millions of Americans dying and blood flowing in our streets before this attack on our nation is over. Either that, or 'We, the people...' will become the ruled, as in Europe, the UK, and the rest of the world.

Requiring the citizens of the kingdom to purchase something that doesn’t exist, and then fining them for not doing it sounds more like the behavior of a tinhorn dictator than the actions of a global superpower—but then, maybe the “superpower” status has led the US government to believe that it can “let the wish be father to the thought.”

Perhaps Congress, the authors of the Clean Air Act, and, more specifically, the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA)—and even biofuel lobbyists—have attended too many motivational seminars in which they were taught: “If you can dream it, then you can achieve it.”...

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