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Ferguson: The War Comes Home

Warum76 Wrote: Aug 26, 2014 8:21 AM
What about the shock of people rioting and destroying businesses?
What is "extraordinary" about the "circumstances", a black was shot and a bunch of blacks rioted and looted. This is the stereotypical response from many black communities.
So, legalize all vices and the prices will go down and everyone will be better off? Sounds way to good to be true.
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Suicide By Stupidity

Warum76 Wrote: Jul 31, 2014 8:59 AM
Is making up laws and not enforcing laws an impeachable offense? The President, on his own, negated No Child Left Behind and in its place we have Common Core. Congress did not vote to end the one and to establish the other. Obamacare is "settled law", yet the President picks and chooses how this law will be enforced. A porous border with Mexico has been a problem for decades with virtually no President doing his job. So, I guess a president can break the laws he is supposed to enforce and he faces no consequences.
"We are fighting for the right of loving, committed couples to enter the bonds of marriage." Could this mean brother and sister or brother and brother in the future?
Well, more people are getting jobs, but most of those jobs are part-time positions.
Man, the US must have a lot of power if about any problem in the world is our fault. Heck, who knows, maybe Putin is to blame.
I am sure most employers would be more than happy to pay women for the hours, days, months, and years that they work for their company, oh, the bosses already do that.
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Lawsuits and Impeachment

Warum76 Wrote: Jul 15, 2014 8:04 PM
So, is Dr. Sowell, and others, saying that no matter what a "popular" president does to circumvent or ignore the Constitution don't bother with impeachment proceedings. And, don't bother if the Senate is of the same party as the President. Why even having a Constitution if the laws that are supposed to be followed are not followed and those in government breaking those laws are not held accountable for their actions?
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Quit Playing Politics with Kids

Warum76 Wrote: Jul 12, 2014 11:05 AM
The only problem with Mrs. Chavez's idea of giving money to help these kids is that money will go for better conditions, but no money will be spent on securing the border. Reagan gave in to small tax cuts in exchange for spending cuts; taxes went up, but no spending cuts. Bush broke his promise of no new taxes and lost to Clinton. Spending increase only go to help the Progressives.
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