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Politicians out-of-control and unaccountable Law Enforcement agents do far more to terrorize the lawful gun owners and the rest of the nation ... How about we start with them first?
And this after the numbers have been artificially inflated one to one and one-half percent for growth? And oh yeah, remember too that food and energy no longer are factored in for the inflation rate so there is no inflation. Don't you just love these number games? So much more fun than Sudoku ... or would pseudo be a more apt spelling here?
"Veiled" invitation? Where was there any veil?
"Different progressive groups"? Is that like saying Stalinists and Leninists can work together? When the jackboot comes down on the collective throats of the people, does anyone really care what shade of red it is?
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Saving Sgt. Bergdahl

WarTip Wrote: Jun 04, 2014 5:31 AM
Wanna bet on it? I am betting they would ... a great many of them very likely would. After all, if they only had all of the creature comforts and the roads of gold and the land of milk and honey that was America, they would love us right? And the seas would stop rising and the storms would go away and I bet all those nasty old volcanoes would just begin spewing unicorn farts as an expression of their gratitude ... at least according to the fantasyland idea of far too many on the left.
So we are going to institute a policy that will create rolling blackouts throughout the US under the pretext of cutting carbon emissions by thirty percent. Meanwhile, we are going to increase the flow to China and India where an average of 23% more pollution is created per barrel of oil consumed. Yeah, that ought to clear things right up huh?
Just imagine all the fun "his sons" can have once the rolling blackouts begin! (At least as long as the police do not "act stupidly")
And to think, the numbers are artificially manipulated to increase GDP numbers by one to one and one-half percent ... that puts it way down in negative territory!
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Blame Donald Sterling for the Economy

WarTip Wrote: May 01, 2014 4:59 AM
Add to that the fact that the GDP has been artificially inflated to increase it some one to one and one-half percent and the "recovery" looks to be in reality a new depression ... not just a recession.
If there is any fundamental flaw, it is in the utilization of a debt-based economic system that requires continual growth and an ever-increasing debt.
Mind you, this comes from the same people that use the name "Uncle Tom" ... a character who risked his life to free runaway slaves ... as a derogatory term ... and we are supposed to take them seriously?
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