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Useful idiots and the idiots that make them useful ... coming soon to a government near you.
Jobless recovery indeed!
They could not do any worse if you gave them the Secretary of State position.
Being "hailed as a positive jobs report" does not make it so. The numbers should be both frightening and used as a wake up call for the people of the nation.
Controlled has apparently spun too far out of control for any kind of soft landing. This is going to be a really rough ride and even worse when we do finally hit!
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Obama Reinvents 1979

WarTip Wrote: Jul 09, 2014 4:49 AM
Energy and food costs have been redacted so as not to negatively impact the onset of inflation by letting the people know it is happening ... like we never see our food or utility bills right? Additional "changes" have been made in accounting that "artificially inflate" the GDP by one to one and one-half percent ... and still the economy contracts. Now South Korea is actively pursuing inclusion in the BRICS alliance ... Brazil, Russia, India, China and South Africa ... if I am not mistaken, that is five of the top ten currencies and thus, governments that decide who holds the "reserve" currency. We could very well see a switch to the Yuan soon ... and each and every time that there has been a change like that, it has come down to a global war among the major economies. Also interesting to note that right before the US decided he was no longer a "dependable ally" in the region, Saddam Hussein was working on a coalition to insure that any and all Middle Eastern oil sales were backed by a gold standard currency. Interesting times indeed.
It may be interesting to note that one of the primary reasons that Saddam Hussein was removed was because he wanted all oil trades to be conducted with gold-based currency.
It would probably be substantially cheaper than the current state of welfare really. While the entire concept may be disagreeable and wholly against the constitution ... something which rarely seems to stop the current cackle of corrupt and complicit congress critters anyhow ... it may well be worth looking into simply for the savings it may provide to the taxpaying citizen of the nation. We are already pumping around a trillion dollars of counterfeit funds ... I mean stimulus funds into the economy anyhow right? This at least would get the money back into the local economies as opposed to the markets and if it saves us money and cuts down on the number of bloated bureaucratic agencies needed to run the current welfare system ... why not look?
No problem, they will just keep taking water from those useless farmers like they have been for decades now!
Politicians out-of-control and unaccountable Law Enforcement agents do far more to terrorize the lawful gun owners and the rest of the nation ... How about we start with them first?
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